The Art-Chain Day 4

I think I’m starting to like this little Art-Chain thing. At first I was very reluctant. But I promised Miss Cathryn Peters that I would do it.

So here’s my next three pieces….



The top one is a mixed media watercolor and pastel painting. It was created on heavy paper and framed. I believe it is from 2003 and I sold it to a couple from England. It was very hard to let this one go. I became attached to it. The title is “Just Passing Through” and I usually don’t reveal too much of what my abstracts are depicting since it should be left up to the viewer to interpret it however they want. But I will share it here… It is a school crossing guard, with her stop sign up and then the other figure is the “child”.

The two bottom ones are also mixed with watercolor and pastel and probably some graphite I’m thinking. Did these in 2003 and I don’t remember selling them but I’m not sure where they are in my studio either. So maybe I gave them away as a gift???

Anyways, I’ve been posting my artwork because I was nominated to participate in the 5-day Art-Chain Challenge on Facebook. Today I am nominating Mr. Basketmaker himself. He probably won’t do it but I’m nominating him anyways!