Pulled Over in PA

We are safe in Pennsylvania. However, we planned on driving to Ohio before we pulled over for the evening. However, from 2 pm on, we were listening to the radio reporting tornado watches and severe storm warnings. And then, I pulled up this image on my phone and we both said “we’re getting off the highway now!”

Where the #3 is, that’s where we were on the highway, about to be in the thick of this nasty storm. So we pulled off at the next exit which happened to be Danville, PA. And as I was entering the hotel lobby, the door flew open from the strong winds. I then became a little nervous. Well, maybe a lot nervous.

As soon as we got to our room I turned on the television and all the local channels were showing this image. I was about to hunker down in the hotel bathtub (and for those who know me, I have this weird thing with public and hotel bathrooms — and the tub would be the LAST place I would find myself in!)

We were both relieved that we pulled over when we did since the storm was following along the I80 path, the same highway we just exited. And as we propped the door open to watch the storm, it was very windy and heavy, pouring rain. The news footage of the highway, flooding and backed up traffic confirmed our good decision.

However, tomorrow, we will have a long drive to Tony’s in St. Louis.