This is why I get so behind…

I have tons to do. In the middle of all this stuff I need to do, my dear cousin Kerryn texts me some pics from her trip to Pennsylvania with her dad .

What do I do? I open up one of the photos and start photoshopping it. And not for a few minutes… I’m talking about spending a couple hours… for really no reason at all except I love photoshop and I love goofing off when I have work to do!

So here’s the original image, the house where they stayed…

And here’s my version after wasting valuable time of removing the wires, meter, brightening, enhancing and a bunch of other mindless stuff…

Disclaimer: I did not need to photoshop my uncle there on the porch. He was already perfect.

Now you would think I’d get back to work after wasting so much time. Nope. I decided to work on yet another one of her photos…

But this one I decided to limit myself to an hour…

I share this for all the others who are like me and goof off when they have much more important things to do!

If anyone needs any photos re-worked, send me an email! LOL. I wish all my freelance work was retouching images.

Thank you Kerryn for sharing your pics. BTW, she knew I was doing this. She takes wonderful photos and the ones she sent me were RAW. She would’ve worked her magic on these after (she’s not one to goof off at work) and would probably look better than mine!

I Love Photoshop.

Many of you have emailed me to show more of my work. I’ve always had a hard time presenting what I do, but I’ll try and get better at this.  Last week, I shared some of the packaging I did and how I was busy creating bilingual English/Chinese labels. So this week, I’ll let you in on what I enjoy most about my freelance work—using Adobe Photoshop. I love working in this program. (However, I dislike, immensely, having to upgrade it every year to keep up with my clients… it is so expensive for a starving artist like me!)

The image below is a rendering I needed to create. My client has a presentation at MTV in China and needs a photograph of the product. However, I recently created the labels (Friday) for this product and there is no time for printing the labels and then having a photo shoot. This happens a lot. So I was additionally hired to create an image of the product as well. And of course, from scratch. Well, not totally from scratch. The only image I was provided with was the plastic cap!

The image below is the rendering I created for my client’s product vials, a quick display box and superimpose the new labels and place them in the box—one of my most favorite things to do.

Below is a rendering of the full line of products. Again, all I had was the cap. (FYI – the product is a high proten drink or “shot.” And the container is already defined. If it was up to me, I’m not too keen on the “vial” feel. But I’m not the client, just a lowly designer.)