Mr. Basketmaker Speaks: Possum

possum-stuffed-brassstown-north-carolinaEvery now and then, I feel like I have something important to say. This is one of those times. It also happens to be a good example of our ever-increasing PC world spinning out of control. I just had to speak up.

Brasstown, an extremely small town in western North Carolina with a population of 240, is mostly known for two things: One is that it’s the location of one of the most respected folk art schools in the country, The John C. Campbell Folk School; and Secondly, their Annual New Year’s Possum Drop. That’s right, I said Possum Drop!

Clay’s Country Store in the center of town places a possum in a decorated and cozy cage and slowly lowers the possum as if it’s the crystal ball in Times Square. This town of 240 residents had 3,000 people show up for this event last year. The Possum is not hurt in any way and is released after the event. I’m an animal lover! I would not support anything that would harm an animal.

But PETA wasn’t hearing any of it. They have spent much money to get a judgment to stop this event and have succeeded. The powers that be from New York have managed to spoil a harmless tradition in rural North Carolina. Will they be going after Punxsutawney Phil next and banning groundhog day? I guess I will have to step on a few extra ants in solidarity.

Editor’s Note: To see the complete article on the Brasstown Possum Drop Ban Eric is talking about, click here. And if Clay’s Country Store needs a stuffed Possum, they can buy one at the link below!

Five Questions Friday: Snack Boss

Q: You sold out of all your mold wizards before Christmas. Have you ever sold out of something before?
Eric: Yes, my miniatures, I’m always out. (editor’s note: Oh yeah. I forgot about those. But I think an item with a 6 year waiting list does not count.)

Q: 2012 has been a beans-and-rice kind of year. Will 2013 be the same or do you think we can upgrade to tuna fish sandwiches or something more lavish?
I hoped for change but you should probably stay used to the beans and rice.

Q: Why is it that, according to you, processed crackers and fake cheese packs are a perfect snack but I cannot have real chocolate as a snack?
Eric: I bought them for the flight to Florida this Sunday. I will make sure to pick up a chocolate bar for you, big baby. (editor’s note: I don’t like his tone.)

Q: Who made you the snack boss in this house anyways?.
Eric: If you went to the store then you could be the snack boss. Until then, I AM the snack boss. (editor’s note: He does have a point.)

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: They banned the Possum Drop. (editor’s note: Will have a post about this New Year’s.)