You want what in the shape of a stomach?

So most of you know I am a freelance designer and have been for many years now. Sure, it can be exciting at times and I get some fun projects to work on like creating a new label for a line of rum, designing a cookbook for an up and coming author or banging out a sweet presentation for Jillian Michaels.

And then, I get jobs like this, which are still interesting in their own way, I might add.

QR code stomach copy


What is it? Well, a very good client of mine needed some artwork for a client of his, with the instruction of creating a QR code that links to a video BUT it has to be in the shape of a stomach! Yup, a stomach.

Creating the entire shape was actually very easy. In Illustrator, after generating a QR code from my client’s web link, I did this:


So that’s one of the several things I did today in my little office at the back of McSoHo. So you see my job isn’t all glamorous! LOL.

If you are interested in seeing a medical video about a stomach procedure, simply scan the code with your phone — but only if you have a strong stomach (honestly, no pun intended)!