All Visitors Work.

My in-laws left early this morning. And we already miss them. Why? Because they helped us get a few big projects done! Well, not only because of that. We had fun hanging out in our new place here in Tennessee all week.

But even though it was their vacation, we still put both of them to work. Here’s Mr. Basketmaker’s step-dad, Bruce, removing wood from the farmhouse, constructing our new “barn door” for our living space and mounting the door track. I don’t know about you, but to me he looks happy to be working! So we will keep enforcing our “All Visitors Must Work” policy.


And my mother-in-law, MomJo, worked extra hard as well. Here she is sewing our drapes for the kitchen. She also sewed a window and shower curtain for our bathroom, removed a whole bunch of weeds from the driveway and swept out her son’s (Mr. Basketmaker) workshop. But the big project was removing that terrible wallpaper trim in what used to be the Church nursery!


I want to add that spraying a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid really works in removing wallpaper! Just spray, let it soak a little and with a dry cloth, scrub (or rub) away! In the last picture, I have the lamp in the way (sorry) but she’s really applying the elbow grease. When the cloth is completely wet, get a new dry one and continue. The wallpaper will be gone in no time!

Thank you Bruce and MomJo for all your hard work! Next time you come, the guest room will have new paint and plenty of built-ins so you can store your clothes instead of having them on the floor at the foot of the bed! Maybe I will have my parents work on that when they come at the end of this month. This was a great idea having our visitors work! We will be done renovating in no time at all! (slightly kidding…)