Mr. Basketmaker Speaks, or rather, What’s on Eric’s iPod?

Every now and then Lynne asks me to write something for her blog. Usually I freak out and say something like I can’t write or I have no time. 

When she started this blog I few years ago, I was Mr. Negativity telling her this would be a major undertaking to write a blog but  she did it anyway. And I continued with: Really you’re going to write four or five times a week? I told her she was crazy. Well one year later she is still doing it! And she is doing it well. I’m very proud of her and the way the blog looks. I can’t tell you how many times people tell me how they love reading it.

I love creating, if it isn’t a basket it could be something else.  So how about creating a new segment for the Basketmaker’s Wife blog? Maybe I’ll call it “What’s on Eric’s iPod”.  Now this is already false, since I haven’t used my iPod for quite awhile but I still like to flirt with music using mostly Pandora and You tube on my laptop late at night. My interest in music can be very extreme at times so I will try to keep it tamed down a notch.  Some of you out there know I have a slight man crush on Jack White. Now don’t get me wrong, I just love the way he goes about it. If I had $200, the cost of his tickets for the Ryman in Nashville, I would take Lynne in a heartbeat. 

But since I don’t, I will have to settle with the many videos of his shows I watch on Youtube. Such as this one song which was the last one played during benefit concert at the Ryman auditorium. It’s titled “Steady as She Goes.”