Taxes in July

You heard of Christmas in July, right? Even the Hallmark channel discovered that their ratings get a huge bump in summer by running holiday movies all month.

But it’s no holiday feeling for me. I was determined to get our taxes done by July 10th, today, which happens to be our Wedding Anniversary. I filed an extension last April because I cannot stand doing our taxes. I have to shut off my normal, unorganized, free-spirit brain and turn on my dusty, serious, all-about-numbers, categorical brain. It’s very hard to do. Let me tell ya.

So I had the goal of finishing by today.

Here’s our dining room table as I write this…


Why am I spread out on our table? Because my workstation and desk in my office is a giant mess. And I needed a clean and clear surface! Mr. Basketmaker is not happy about this discombobulated mass of paper in our living space however he doesn’t dare ask me to pick it up or when I will be done. He knows I would tell “him” to do them!

I like how my large helper, Jackson, is siting under the table by my feet. And he’s laying on his red ball. Almost telling me that after this is all done, I can go back to playing again!