Five Questions Friday: Ice Ice Baby

: Can you believe this week of winter storms? The third one started a couple hours ago and it’s really snowing hard! Did you ever expect to experience storms like these when we left New Hampshire?

Eric: Ahh, no. I had to use an ice scraper for the first time down here. It really feels like I’m back in New England.

Q from my Mom: How is it Global Warming with this kind of weather in southern Tennessee?
Eric: I don’t think I’m going to touch that question. I’ll wait until another 30 years when the scientists warn us of an Ice Age heading our way.
(Poor mom… she was in Chicago visiting my sister and flew here for the week before going home. She was looking to warm up from the chill in Chi-Town but she said it’s much colder here!)

Q: How sad are you that our big tree in front came crashing down from all the ice?
Eric: I’m actually more glad that it not only missed the house, but it missed my red truck by one foot! And, I can’t wait to stock-pile stove and campfire wood.

Q: Why do you put onions in practically everything even though I don’t like them?
Eric: Ah, because without onions there is no flavor. And if you keep complaining about onions, you may make my aggravated list above the many frustrations I had this week.

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: Everything—From the snow and ice, to the downed tree, cancelled appointments, roads closed, store shelves empty, no power and texts from people asking why I don’t have a generator… should I go on?
No. I think we all get the gist. 

Note: Middle Tennessee, where we now live, has not seen a storm like this since 1998.