Five Questions Friday: What Color is that Viral Dress?

Q: This afternoon you were listening to your Boston sports radio station and I heard them talking about some dress image that went viral? What’s up with that?
Eric: I really don’t know the whole story except that people are in disagreement of what color it is. But in a huge way like if it’s black or gold or green or blue. I guess it’s some kind of color that tricks the mind depending on who you are. You should look it up right now.

Q: That’s a good idea. I looked it up and here’s the image (posted by swiked on Tumblr). I don’t know why this image went viral and what the hubub was all about. What colors do you think the dress is?

Eric: I clearly see black and blue. How could anyone see white or even gold! They better not be talking about this stupid dress tomorrow. You are right… why did this, of all things, go viral? I don’t get it.
(Me too.)

Q: I see lilac and bronze/brown. From my quick research, I guess a lot of people saw it as white and black, white and gold or blue and green. But my main question is why was your manly sports radio station spending a half hour on this dress image?
Eric: Half hour? They talked about it all day practically. Everybody was discussing this today. I couldn’t get away from it. DJ’s kept saying people were calling in asking about it. And then they kept talking about it because people were calling in telling them they were stupid that the dress was clearly white and black or blue and brown and a whole bunch of other know-it-alls causing this big debate about a dumb dress. And then they were yelling and fighting about it. I wasn’t happy. I wanted to listen about sports, not the color of some dumb dress going viral on dumb Twitter.

Q: Okay, calm down. On a hopefully fun note, I’m adding a new feature on my blog called “Saturday Night Surf”. Well, that’s what I named it as of today. It may change again tomorrow when I launch it. What do you think it’s about?
Eric: Ah, Uhm… must be something about surfing the internet, but I don’t know how that would relate. Guess I will have to wait, if you get it up tomorrow. You’ve been really slacking lately.

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: Ah, I can’t think of anything. Let me think… well it wasn’t necessarily aggravating but more like frustrating. It was your new vertical windows I’ve been trying to install in your office so you can have some more light. The way they put the studs in, it was not evenly balanced so it’s causing me triple the work I had planned.
I’m sorry. But it’s going to look so good! And be much brighter which will make me a lot happier… I’d say it will be all worth it when you are done.