DA’s Investigator Turned to Basketry to Escape Stress

Former investigator in the district attorney office, Tracey Reidy, opens woven basket that is used as a sewing kit at her home in Lawrenceville on Tuesday, Feb. 17. (Staff Photo: David Welker)

One of Eric’s favorite students, Tracey, used to be an investigator for her county’s district attorney’s office for several decades. And I always looked forward to the classes she took of Eric’s so I could hear about her latest cases that were solved and try (and I did try) to get information out of her on her current cases.

However, she really could never say because they were still open. Therefore, I would have to wait until the next time I saw her to see if the case was solved so I could hear all the details! Have you ever watched the First 48? Well, she had the same job as those investigators.

Over the past years I wasn’t allowed to talk about her or those cases because she needed to protect her identity (Mr. Basketmaker thinks that last line about protecting her is a bit dramatic. Maybe… but I like thinking I was in on something top secret—I mean how exciting do you think my life is? I’m only a basketmaker’s wife after all).

But now that she has retired (very early, I might add) I can tell y’all about her. But instead of me writing, especially since there’s no way I could do her justice, I recently learned that she was featured in a local publication outside Atlanta. And there’s a fun video (click on play button below) of her talking, while weaving, about the stress relief she got from weaving baskets along with a great article about the daily stress brought on from her intensive career.

Here’s the link to the article. Also be sure to check out the gallery of photos taken by David Welker, staff photographer. Lots of pics of her basketry collection (well, from what I hear, it’s probably only 1/20th of her entire collection).

Great story Tracey! I’m glad that basket weaving is more of an enjoyable hobby for you now, instead of as an escape from the heart-wrenching scenes you had to see on a daily basis. And did you clean up your studio before the reporter came? Because it just seems too neat!