A Woven Seat & A Camera Hog

A few weeks back, Eric took a break from his baskets and did some weaving of a different kind. When we were in Washington, our host, Joanne, gave us an unfinished project that she was not ever going to get to. And when we saw the base for this stool, we couldn’t say “no”! So we brought back with us two bases and all the weavers to complete two stools.

Eric got busy right away in his workshop sanding and finishing the bases for both stools.


And then he got to weaving the seats. I guess it takes a lot of strength to do this kind of work! I wouldn’t know, because I’ve never attempted to do this.


But he sure seemed to be using a lot of strength to pull them each tight. Nonetheless, it was all worth his effort — I love it! Thanks Joanne for the materials!


Also thought I’d show you what happens when I try to photograph something. As soon as I whip out the camera, this creature is always within a bone’s throw.


And if I don’t seem to be aiming the camera at him, this is what he does.


You heard of photo bombing, right? Well this is a “Chance Bomb.” Happens every time.