Pinterest While Drinking: Veggie Owl by “K”

I decided my hiatus was going to be up Thanksgiving. And I had a nice long post for today. However, I could not resist sharing my cousin “K”s latest creation she just shared with me.

First, many of you probably remember her Turkey Veggie Plate last Thanksgiving. If not, I have two photos to remind you and also, you can find the original link here.

So this year, she decided to do a veggie plate in the likeness of an owl. Very ambitious of her I thought. Below is her fabulous edible (I think) conception:


For comparison, below is her image for inspiration from Pinterest (uploaded via “Homestead & Survival” Facebook page)


I think she’s getting much better! But I reminded her that she’s got to put down her special Vodka drink when creating these things. Why do I assume this? How else can you explain that big red nose? (not to mention the bushy eyebrows and where did she see celery in her inspiration photo???).

I REPEAT the same Disclaimer I wrote last year: My cousin Kerryn is extremely talented and this post is all in good fun. I love her and she knows that… Happy Thanksgiving K! You’re the best! 


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  1. Marty

    I hope Thanksgiving was great for YA’LL Marty

  2. Marty

    I missed you and your post.

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My G.F. Answers Five Questions Friday

While Mr. Basketmaker was teaching all day today in his workshop, I called up my GF (aka, God Father; aka, Uncle Ed) to fill in for Eric and answer today’s five questions.

Q: We need to get a storm shelter in place. Your son-in-law recommended burying a plastic septic tank. Would that work?
GF: I don’t see why not.

Q: But plastic? Shouldn’t it be fiberglass? Isn’t there a difference?
GF: The plastic will be fine. It will be just as strong. It’s made with a mold whereas the fiberglass tanks starts like a cloth and resin is mixed in and then it’s formed into a shape. For the purpose you are using it as, both will be fine. 

Q: Now couldn’t I just dig the hole myself?
GF: With a shovel? Yes you could, but why.

Q: How long do you think it would take me to dig a hole, with a shovel, large enough for a septic tank?
GF: Ah, two weeks? But why waste your time. Rent a machine.
(You have more faith in my digging ability than Eric who said it would take me two years! But you’re right. Rent a machine to do it for me. Even better, rent a machine while Eric is away at a workshop and then tell him I dug it out myself.)

Q: Now to Eric’s favorite question, What aggravated you this week?
GF: What aggravated me this week? Nothing. I had a perfect week. When you get to be my age, very little bothers you.

Thanks Uncle Ed!!

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  1. Janet Gallant

    I love Uncle Ed! Please, let’s hear from him more often!! Janet

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Five Questions Friday from our S.I.L.

As I wrote last month, I’ve been recuperating from a small illness (nothing major) and decided to take a break from my blog and painting. I’m on the mend and will soon be back to normal. My sister Michelle helped me by asking Eric his 5 questions last time and this week’s five questions are from our sister-in-law, Michele (yes, they have the same name).

SIL: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Eric: ahhh… geez… an industrial designer of sorts – building big things.

SIL: How would you spend an “ideal” day?
An ideal day? Ah I’d say sitting behind the third base dugout at a Red Sox / Yankees game. Oh and at Fenway Park of course.

SIL: What is the oldest keepsake in your possession?
Well, if you’re talking about an heirloom from family it would be my Grandmother’s huge oak table.

SIL: When is the last time you did not have facial hair?
Early twenties.

SIL: What aggravated you this week?
Well Lynne can answer this one. I was wearing headphones and mowing the lawn and rode right over an extension cord that I left there. And of course, my wife was outside picking up sticks and heard it all. So I couldn’t deny anything or hide the evidence.

Thanks Michele! Great questions. I’m seeing more questions from you in the near future!


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  1. Lynn, hoping you are back to your ole self soon! Come and see us in NM sometime…….tell Michelle to bring the boys out too! Love to see your blog and keep up with y’all! Di

    • lynne

      That sounds like a great idea. But it may just be Michelle and Ben and myself. I hear Sam is heavy into baseball and hockey that he hardly has any time off!

  2. Joanne H

    If you were at a Red Sox/ Yankee game and caught a Yankee home run would you throw it back? Be careful Eric it’s a trick question! Lol

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