My G.F. Answers Five Questions Friday

While Mr. Basketmaker was teaching all day today in his workshop, I called up my GF (aka, God Father; aka, Uncle Ed) to fill in for Eric and answer today’s five questions.

Q: We need to get a storm shelter in place. Your son-in-law recommended burying a plastic septic tank. Would that work?
GF: I don’t see why not.

Q: But plastic? Shouldn’t it be fiberglass? Isn’t there a difference?
GF: The plastic will be fine. It will be just as strong. It’s made with a mold whereas the fiberglass tanks starts like a cloth and resin is mixed in and then it’s formed into a shape. For the purpose you are using it as, both will be fine. 

Q: Now couldn’t I just dig the hole myself?
GF: With a shovel? Yes you could, but why.

Q: How long do you think it would take me to dig a hole, with a shovel, large enough for a septic tank?
GF: Ah, two weeks? But why waste your time. Rent a machine.
(You have more faith in my digging ability than Eric who said it would take me two years! But you’re right. Rent a machine to do it for me. Even better, rent a machine while Eric is away at a workshop and then tell him I dug it out myself.)

Q: Now to Eric’s favorite question, What aggravated you this week?
GF: What aggravated me this week? Nothing. I had a perfect week. When you get to be my age, very little bothers you.

Thanks Uncle Ed!!

Five Questions Friday from our S.I.L.

As I wrote last month, I’ve been recuperating from a small illness (nothing major) and decided to take a break from my blog and painting. I’m on the mend and will soon be back to normal. My sister Michelle helped me by asking Eric his 5 questions last time and this week’s five questions are from our sister-in-law, Michele (yes, they have the same name).

SIL: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Eric: ahhh… geez… an industrial designer of sorts – building big things.

SIL: How would you spend an “ideal” day?
An ideal day? Ah I’d say sitting behind the third base dugout at a Red Sox / Yankees game. Oh and at Fenway Park of course.

SIL: What is the oldest keepsake in your possession?
Well, if you’re talking about an heirloom from family it would be my Grandmother’s huge oak table.

SIL: When is the last time you did not have facial hair?
Early twenties.

SIL: What aggravated you this week?
Well Lynne can answer this one. I was wearing headphones and mowing the lawn and rode right over an extension cord that I left there. And of course, my wife was outside picking up sticks and heard it all. So I couldn’t deny anything or hide the evidence.

Thanks Michele! Great questions. I’m seeing more questions from you in the near future!

Five Questions Friday: Invasion of the In-Laws

I have been sick for a couple weeks and my poor blog has been neglected. So my sister Michelle from Chicago has stepped in to ask Mr. Basketmaker tonight’s five questions friday….

Q from Michelle: So mother-in-laws always get a bad rap. What about your mother-in-law that breaks the mold?
Eric: She sure doesn’t eat much.

Q from M: What topic is brought up the most with your father-in-law?

Q from M: How many days is long enough for a visit from your in-laws?
You expect me to answer that my dear sister-in-law?

Q from M: Any qualities that remind you of your wife that is exhibited by your inlaws.
She got all their good ones.

Q from M: What aggravated you this week?
Getting a ticket today for the rare occasion of not using my seatbelt.  

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