Life of a Basket Maker as a Romance Novel?

After I started this blog, my husband did a search for the Basket Maker’s Wife online to find it (he couldn’t remember the web address for the blog — I know, I’m the one married to him, so I know!)

During this online search of his, he came across a writer of romance novels who wrote a book titled The Basket Maker’s Wife. After he told me about this, I jumped online to find it as well. Sure enough, he was right (and ladies, we all know that’s such a rare occurrence).

The author’s name is Lois Kleinsasser but she writes under different names. For The Basket Maker’s Wife, she wrote under the pen name Cait London. (Not sure why she writes under so many different names but that’s beside the point). If I may go on a tangent, is it written ‘besides the point’ or ‘beside the point’?

Back to the point. To give you an idea of where I’m going with today’s post, let me share with you some of her other book titles: A Stranger’s Touch, With Her Last Breath, For Her Eyes Only, Rugged Glory, The Seduction of Fiona Tallchief, Wild Dawn and Night Fire.

Now, let me set the record straight before we go any further. I am sure all of these titles are well-written and I am not knocking the author in any way. But there is nothing wild, passionate, seductive or romantic about being a basketmaker’s wife! Well, one could probably find a touch of romance somewhere, but I highly doubt, by the names of her other book titles, that it’s at the level needed to be on a Harlequin’s list (which many of her books are on). You know, that romantic lust type stuff.

Instead, since I am the reality basketmaker’s wife, in the flesh, I will share with you my first-hand knowledge. My life involves losing power because of the planer running while the sander’s still on (there goes the show I was watching), stopping at smelly rest areas and eating junk food while on the road, hunting down receipts for the taxes because my craftsman husband likes to empty his pockets in no specific area, and, my favorite, having the house covered in sawdust 24/7. Dust is not in any way romantic!

I contacted the author to get a copy of The Basket Maker’s Wife to see what it was all about but she said it is currently unavailable since she is doing a rewrite. Hmmmm… I wonder if other basketmakers set her straight? This was back in October. Since then we have periodically checked her site and a few weeks ago, we saw the title under another pen name of hers, but when I looked for it today, it was no longer on her site.

So I’ll continue to look for it and will let all you basket lovers out there know when this steamy novel is available again. In the meantime, I’m going downstairs to give my dust-covered husband a kiss. (Awwwwww).

The image above is the cover of Cait London’s book.
You can find her at her blog here

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