We Are Moving!

No, not us. The Basketmaker’s Wife Blog is moving! Since beginning this blog journey four months ago, I have learned a lot about blogging the hard way. Mostly, what not to do. However, as soon as my confidence about how the blog looked and operated grew, a change was needed.

The development of this blog began over a year ago and to get the ball rolling and simply start it, I went with the popular and free weblog publishing tool, Google’s Blogger. At that moment, it seemed like a good match. As time went on though, I became aware that all the content was not owned by me, but by Google.

That’s not a good thing. Protecting all the content being published is very important, especially since I am writing about basketry events & organizations, workshops, other artists, along with various people commenting on the blog as well. In addition, during Mr. Basketmaker’s research, he found that many Google Blogger users had their blogs shut down without any warning. All their content gone since it was all owned by Google. It was time for a change.

One of our main concerns with the “move” was that the blog’s subscribers have been increasing exponentially and if we’re not able to transfer the email feed with the new host, then we (meaning “me”) would be contacting a lot of people begging them to re-subscribe to the blog. Another reason to make the switch sooner than later.

So, by painstakingly playing dumb, I was able to get a lot of help over the phone from the new host’s technical people (actually, playing dumb, for me, is not that painstaking). We are using the WordPress interface that is uploaded to our new host, giving us complete ownership of all the content. It’s been designed, configured and all posts transferred but it will not go live until Monday evening or Tuesday.

Hopefully, it will go without a hitch! (or is it now ‘glitch’?)

4 thoughts on “We Are Moving!”

    1. Will do! Also, if we go back to that barbecue place, we need to get there earlier next time so they don’t run out of Chicken – the only meat I eat!! LOL.

        1. Someone got excited over my arrival?? That rarely happens!! Eric prefers Zia’s. Did you know we went to a grocery store next to you and he bought a whole bunch of Zia’s dressings! We have one bottle left!

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