Getting to Know Our New Digs.

Moving was a royal pain! Boxing up all the web files, dealing with an aching back, trusting that everything will be moved safely without breaking stuff, figuring out where the new packages will go, finding out you’re missing a ‘box’ and trying to locate it between the last home and the new home, all that unpacking… okay, enough of the trying-to-be-clever-“physical moving”-words.

The “website” move went a little better than I thought. Only one rumble with Mr. Basketmaker that resulted with him stomping down the stairs to get out of my way, if you know what I mean. The new blog is not completely done but it’s in working order. Still need to transfer all the images from the old site onto the new server and then relink them. Have a few more things to do and then I can relax… well, briefly.

There’s some minor glitches that I have not figured out. But eventually I will (may not be until summer…) Speaking of summer, winter has finally arrived here in New Hampshire. It’s snowing! I was tired of looking at brown grass and bare trees since November. Now everything will be covered in white. Will hopefully get some pics of me and Chance tomorrow frolicking in the snow.

(Interesting note: When I published this post, the date automatically went to March 1st. WordPress was not recognizing that it’s a leap year! So I had to manually force it to say Feb. 29. I wonder what the date will say tomorrow?)

2 thoughts on “Getting to Know Our New Digs.”

    1. I like the white stuff even more, ever since I got married and someone took over the shoveling and snowblowing duties that I used to have to do all by myself for years! (poor me…)

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