Five Questions Friday

Time for “Eric Answers Five Questions on Friday.”

Q: (From Tracey) I know that you and Lynne are big true crime followers. What is your favorite true crime show?
Eric: Great question Tracey. The First 48 on A&E is hands-down the best true crime show on tv. Not to be confused with 48 Hours Mystery which happens to be Lynne’s favorite. I just finished watching one episode about a murder in Dekalb county, Georgia. I thought for sure I would see you. Oh, sorry… I don’t want to blow your cover. The other night we started watching back-to-back episodes of Bait Car. Now granted, this is not as serious a crime, but it is very funny watching these idiots steal a car and then have it remotely shut down and get locked in the car. Then they try to explain to the police why they are driving a car that they don’t own. This is why Hollywood actors and actresses are running out of work. Reality is better than anything you can write.

Q: What were you doing at midnight last night?
Eric: I think I was in bed wishing Lynne would shut her computer down and go to sleep.
(editor’s note: Uhm, excuse moi? Who kept the other up until well after 2:30 a.m.? I’m just saying.)

Q: (Anonymous) How many times a day do you stop and wonder how you manage to be so incredible?
Eric: This sounds like it might be a Pattie B. question! Are you kidding me? I spend half my day trying to get myself out of the dog house. I have to go on the road just to get an ego boost from all my students. I’m already getting itchy for the next road trip now. When do we leave?
(editor’s note: I wish I never made a pact that I would not edit Eric’s answers!)

Q: (From Marty) What was the first basket you ever made, how old were you and do you have a photo?
Eric: I seriously can’t recall my first basket. I would say that I must have been around fifteen or sixteen when I made my first basket. I will tell you this: about five years later at the age of 19, I began my Martha Wetherbee apprenticeship. It entailed making approximately 100 of each of the following woven basket bodies: Shaker Kitten Head baskets, Cathead Baskets, Knife Baskets, Spoon Baskets and Fruit baskets. I completed this task in six months. Maybe, sometime I will tell the rest of the story.

Q: Out of all your in-laws (my family) who is your favorite?
Eric: I want to say that you already asked this unreasonable question, but I will try to answer it. It would have to be the team of your mom and dad. They have been way above and beyond what I could ever have expected from in-laws.
(editor’s note: Does this have anything to do with your birthday coming up in 11 days? Again, I’m just saying.)

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5 thoughts on “Five Questions Friday”

  1. Tripp, I forgot about the fantasy football season. I’m still on a high from winning the LGI Shuffle Board Tournament. You know the one with your family name on it. I can only wonder how many years it will take for you to experience this feeling.

  2. I guess I couldn’t be Eric’s favorite because for two years running I have completely dominated his fantasy football league. I guess his jealousy is getting in the way of my wonderfulness!

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