Day Tripping.

When we can, we like to enjoy a couple days of downtime after a workshop and find a little nearby town and be tourists for the day. Our close friends Jud & Suzanne, who live outside Atlanta, about an hour-and-a-half away from Brasstown, North Carolina, invited us over for the weekend before heading home. How could we pass up Suzanne’s amazing cooking and hospitality along with razzing Jud at every possible moment? So we immediately said “Yes”!

We left Brasstown early in the morning and took our time getting there. On the North Carolina/Georgia line, we came across a huge antique and flea market. Eric found this funky Union Jack table that we decided we would later regret if we did not purchase it. So Eric rearranged the van and we packed our new coffee table.

Our new funky Union Jack coffee table.

We then headed to our new favorite little town, Dahlonega, Georgia where we found this cool coffeehouse cafe, The Crimson Moon. We enjoyed fresh squeezed lemonade and sandwiches from their eclectic menu. We then walked around the square.

The Crimson Moon

Next stop was a blue grass jam that was going on across the street. Listened to a few sets and then stopped to visit shelter dogs at an adoption event.

Our new favorite little town, Dahlonega, Georgia!
Blue Grass Jam going on in the town square.

This dog and Eric seemed to be making a close connection. He was so sweet (I’m talking about the dog here). If we did not travel so much, we would’ve taken him home. Having family watch Chance is enough. We would lose babysitters if we had two dogs to pawn off on people when we hit the road. And then a little girl walked up and picked up one of the other dogs and put him in her lap. Not as sweet as the other dog and Eric, but close.

Who would not want these dogs???

We had a great couple days in Atlanta but we needed to get back home to work. So our little vacation was over. Last night, on our way home, it was Memorial Day and in Virginia, the traffic was getting heavy and people were driving crazy! We knew it was time to get off and find a hotel earlier than planned. So we stayed in Christiansburg, Virginia and our room had a comfy couch! Being a girl who likes to plan for the unexpected (and slightly germ-a-phobic), I covered the couch with a fluffy red blanket that I packed for circumstances like this. And to create our room into a “lounge” we brought in our new Union Jack coffee table purchased from the antiques market. (Though I seriously doubt that this is an antique!) Here I am with my feet up—something I told Eric we will not do on this table when we’re home. However, technically, we are not home yet. I’m busy working on a book layout for one of my clients. Life is good. It would be better with one of Eric’s pomtinis with a little sugar on the rim.

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