2nd Annual Penny Pinching Pickers

As I’ve written, last weekend was our 2nd Annual Penny Pinching Pickers up in Maine with our great friends Karen and Eric (a.k.a. “the sherpa”). So we each “picked” our items and have submitted them to our esteemed judges. While we wait for the results, I will share some pics from our penny pinching day.

fryeburg-fair-penny-pinching-pickers-1Not sure what Eric (Mr. Basketmaker) and Eric (“the sherpa”) are laughing about, but I wish I knew! And above is my dear friend Karen. I literally would not have survived my life up in Maine without Karen and her husband Eric.


Above are some snaps that Mr. Basketmaker took while we were looking for our picks. The kitties and the milking cow pic is plain weird. I expect him to be interested in that. But why did he shoot all these little, large-faced dolls? I find that even more weird.


Here’s Karen, giving me some pointers. When it comes to flea markets and yard sales, when Karen speaks, I tune in intently! Her knowledge of vintage items is absolutely amazing. She is a true creative, professional all the way.

Ahhh… and our rusty wheels. These are not one of our picks but it is our favorite. We will be using these for the bottom of the barn door we will be building to separate our kitchen and living area from our bedroom and the rest of the living space.


Here’s me whining to Eric (“the sherpa”) that I have yet to find my “pick.” I started to panic a little, however, I eventually found my item. Will post all four of our “picks” tomorrow! Hopefully, the judges will get busy judging and send us the results soon!



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