Five Questions Friday… Ah…Nope!

Mr. Basketmaker Speaks:

It’s 6:00pm and my lovely wife still hasn’t sent me this week’s five questions so I’m going to hijack her blog this week. Maybe next week she will submit them before noon!

Over the years I have met a lot of basket making fanatics. Over these same years you learn a bunch about some of these people. And being an avid Red Sox fan like myself, when you come across an avid Yankees fan, you don’t forget them.

One such person that I will not name right now is someone I immediately  think of when something really bad happens for the Yankees. I chuckle to myself and know that she doesn’t have anything she can rub in my face today. Well, two days ago, I had one of those days. The Yankees were officially eliminated from the playoffs while the Red Sox were coasting forward into the playoffs with the best record in baseball.

Then last night, Mario Rivera played his last game. Somehow, now it has become hard to make fun of her for her misfortune. Even as a Red Sox fan, I have to show my respect. There is no other Yankee I could bring myself to say that. He was the best relief pitcher to ever play the game. And he is a good guy, which is hard to find these days in baseball. Mario Rivera pitched in 96 playoff games and only was responsible for one lost game. He pitched in 141 playoff innings and gave up less runs than the number of men who have walked on the moon. Think about that!

So, there you go Ho Jo! Your Yankees are going to suck for hopefully the next ten years! See you next week Jo!

–Mr. Basketmaker

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