Five Questions Friday: From Mr. Basketmaker

We went camping the beginning of the week. But Lynne hurt her right hand (got x-rays and not broken thankfully) and since it’s wrapped up and she’s recuperating, I’m going to ask and answer my own questions this week.

So here it goes. 

We just got home from our first camping trip with our “new to us” camper for the first time with two dogs. We spent three days at Fall Creek Falls National Park in Tennessee. With that said, I am changing today’s five questions to “Five Camping Observations”.

Five Camping Observations

1.   First off, Lynne did a really good job booking our site without knowing the campground. But even still, camping is like playing Russian Roulette—Spin the chamber and see what neighbor you get. For us it was a yapping, ankle biter (little dog) and a fat guy (along with his wife) who wore his shirt up above his extended gut the whole time.

2.   The theory of the two dogs staying in their beds on one end of the camper did not work. It was a novel idea of Lynne’s but highly unrealistic. We ended up with us and Jackson in one small camper bed and Chance on the bench next to us.

3.  Jackson was way more popular with the campers than Chance. People commented how handsome he was and unlike Chance, Jackson just gave hugs and licks to all the children we encountered.

4.  People bring way too much crap when they go camping. Like kittens in a cage, adults with remote control vehicles, and the said neighbors I mentioned above, a microwave with a hot plate on top, plugged in, on a table, under a tarp. They were tent camping! Who brings a microwave when they are staying in a tent?

5.  Lynne can half-fill the black tank in three days. (I used the public bathrooms.)

Bonus Camping Observation:

* Buying wet camping wood wrapped in plastic with a handle is just plain wrong.

* When you walk by a neighboring camper that you have already introduced yourself to, are you obligated to say “hi” every time you walk by their camp site?


Here’s the bed section where the dogs were supposed to sleep at night. Turns out, Jackson only used it for daytime naps.


Let’s Play “What Doesn’t Belong”

I feel like having a little fun on this hot day…

Below are a series of photos from Eric’s workshop. Can you pick out what doesn’t belong?

this looks normal….

oooh… I’m impressed with this organization…

nothing appears out of the ordinary here…

did you know that behind this bandsaw is a brick fireplace? since it’s not viewable in this photo, it can’t be this one… but I’m guessing a fireplace in a workshop probably wouldn’t be out of the ordinary…

nice basketry poster… not really liking that antler hook! but it was here in the house when we bought it…

he sure does have a nice view… hanging tools on the windowsill may be odd…

Ah what?? Ding… ding… ding…!

What is a large jacuzzi tub doing in Mr. Basketmaker’s workshop? I’ll tell ya.

The tub used to be here, in what was the prior owner’s master bedroom.


The room is now Mr. Basketmaker’s “planing and sanding” room. And for an entire year, he worked around it wishing he could have that large corner of space. Can you see it way back in the corner behind the planer? Looks sort of small in this pic, but it’s huge and occupies significant and value basketmaking space!

A few days ago, I was out doing errands and when I returned I saw this big tub up on its side right at the front of the workshop!

Now to the previous owners (which was a Pastor and his wife) of this old farmhouse, which is now Eric’s workshop that sits next to the building they used as a church (where we live)… Why was there a huge corner tub sitting wide open in the bedroom? And who picked out the red shag carpeting (which was one of the first things we ripped out) that filled this room?

Five Questions Friday: Horse Obsessed

Q: The State of Tennessee confirms the first case of chikungunya! What if I get it?
Eric: I heard that too. I guess you would be the second confirmed case in Tennessee.
(That is not funny.)

Q: What is chikungunya anyway?
Eric: If you don’t know what it is, why are you worried about catching it? I think it’s a disease spread by mosquitoes and I’m assuming you get really sick.

Q: Football season doesn’t start for months. Why have you been spending so much time lately on our league, Brady Gaga?
Eric: I’m trying not to spend that much time but why I’m working on it now is because it’s important to get people signed up before our draft in August.

Q: Why do you think Jackson is so obsessed with horses?
Eric: Gheesh I really don’t know. Maybe he thinks he’s one of those miniature horses. But it’s weird how he even hears horses on TV and then flips out and wants to go outside, thinking there’s a horse nearby.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Easy. Jackson taking off twice after that girl on her horse and annoying the both of them for half a mile.
(Like I said last Friday, he quite possibly could be untrainable. You will have to work harder…)