Petey’s Place Hit by Tennessee Storm

Remember when I posted about our new “pet” lizard, Petey, and his updated-curb-appeal pad? (see full post here.)

Well, here was the tree…


And here was Petey sunning himself…


Now Petey’s “hip-pad-with-sun-porch” is no more! During last week’s storms our beautiful, quirky old crab apple tree split in three and fell apart.


Before there was a branch to the right of Petey’s entrance, which was not that large. Now it just ripped right off and revealed a large hole.


It’s been days of cutting branches and cleaning up—All while mourning “Petey” (we hope she got away safely… Yes, we discovered that Petey was really a ‘she’ after we saw her hanging with the babies) AND the loss of this sweet tree which was the center of our back ‘courtyard’ area.

Mr. Basketmaker told me yesterday that he was a little depressed looking out and not seeing the tree. I have to agree with him. From my desk, through the glass door was a full view of this beautiful tree. Now I simply see the doors to our ugly shed. It was hard to be inspired the last several days…

Definitely will take us some time getting used to…

4 thoughts on “Petey’s Place Hit by Tennessee Storm”

    1. Thanks for letting me know Mary Jo! I don’t think I ever lost a tree before! It sort of sounds silly until it happens! Especially when it’s a very old tree that has been around before you were born! It is kind of sad!

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