Weave Your Self Portrait

If you took an art class in college, then you had to do the dreaded “Self Portrait.”

I had to do this several times. First in my Freshman drawing class, then I had to do it again in my screen-printing class and then again in my Photography class. And in that one, the self portrait had to contain 15 different photos! Ugh.

Staring at myself for hours on end while trying to create an amazing piece of artwork in an attempt to knock your professor’s socks off was not very enjoyable to me! However, I was honored when my photography professor, who had many books published, asked if he could film my final self portrait project.

Honestly, self-portraiture involves many issues that have nothing to do with how you look. Obviously it’s a good assignment in teaching students how they see themselves.  But at the same time, you are conflicted with how should you present yourself — should you accentuate your flaws or flaunt them? Should it be literal or make it abstract? What kind of message do you want to communicate in the image? Should it represent your dark side or your spiritual side or no side at all?

To summarize, it’s difficult to paint, draw, sketch or film yourself. Wait. I stand corrected, so let me rephrase that. In this day and age of social media, there are many people who have no problem visually expressing who they are with some posting hundreds of photos of themselves, giving viewers a very detailed “self portrait!” I am not one of them.

So while I was surfing the web last week, I came across one of the most interesting self-portraits I have seen. I’d say it’s pretty brilliant. Not only does she show her medium and you get the image of her, but the message she sends is very powerful and interpretations are endless. I see many different meanings in this. And why I think it’s brilliant is because while it is a self portrait, you don’t see it solely as that. It’s simply, a work of art. Perfect.

Artist: Kimvi Nguyen “Self Portrait with Willow” 2013
Collaboration with Staff and students at Winchester College

Monet Trivia

Mr. Basketmaker said he did not like my last post: 1) It was too long 2) He won’t read anything with the name Kardashian in it 3) I wasted my time watching lame TV instead of finishing all the projects I have going on.

Points taken.

So today, a very short post of the trivia kind…

Did you know that Claude Monet, the famous painter, lived in poverty and could not paint full-time? Well, that is until 1891 when he won 100,000 Francs in the French lottery. Claude Monet used his winnings to quit his job as a messenger and to focus on painting, where he later became one of the founders of French Impressionism.

It very well could be that if Claude Monet had not made that bet long ago, the world might never have seen some of the greatest pieces of art and his amazing body of work!

Missing Eric, So I Watch Nicole & Some Naked Show

Uh What?

Okay. Let me explain. It was Thursday night and Eric was in Knoxville, teaching at the Tennessee Basketry Convention.

I had a half-a-glass of Pinot Grigio left and it was coming onto 11:00 pm. I was missing Mr. Basketmaker and simply was not tired enough to go to bed.

Yes, I had some freelance work to do, dishes in the sink and dirty clothes that needed washing, but I was lacking the ambition to do it! I felt like moping instead, so I planted myself on the couch where I searched the TV guide aimlessly for something to entertain me for at least an hour, or two, or maybe three.

So I settled on “Naked Dating” on VH1. What? Yes, you read me right. It’s people who agree to go on a show, to try and meet someone, but they have to meet them naked. And then go on two additional dates after that with different people. And yes, ALL are still completely naked.

It was lame. First of all, there’s nothing to see because they fuzz out all the taboo parts. And what kind of people would agree to do this type of show? And why the heck was I still watching it? I’d like to say that I changed the channel. But I didn’t. I wanted to see if the two original naked humans hooked up in the end!

To my credit, during a commercial, I did grab the remote after I located it entwined in my blanket under my right calf, and desperately look for something else so I wouldn’t embarrass myself. But I couldn’t help but wonder if Joe, the main naked guy, would stay interested in “Wee Wee” (Yes, that really was her name), the main naked gal, or be swayed by the hot, sexy bimbo —- , uh, I forgot her name and the third chick, who I also cannot remember the name of. But seriously, are we supposed to remember their names? So, I couldn’t ignore my deep desire to stay tuned and see if he cared more about personality than the other sexy bimbos —- (uh, still can’t remember their names).

Well, it turned out that Joe from New Jersey, actually valued personality over “hotness” and selected Wee Wee to be his final date. And they were able to wear clothes for the second date. Phew!

Alright, I’m done admitting that I watched that dumb show.

So onto the next dumb show. (Yes, I apparently have no problem humiliating myself on here).  It’s called “Candidly Nicole” and it stars Nicole Richie. Who?

She’s the daughter of Nicole Richie and she did a reality show with some “Hilton” girl that I cannot seem to remember her first name. I’m thankful for that, because a few years ago, I could not wait until that Hilton girl is in her late twenties and becomes old news. I’m tired of hearing about her! Anyways, I think she finally turned 30 and we all know that after that, you’re nothing but “washed up.” (Just kidding!!)

But then, the replacement became the Kardashians. I don’t want to know anything about the Kardashians but it is very hard since they infiltrate into everything. I’ve even heard about them listening to plain ‘ole regular news! I have never watched one of their shows, but I know who they all are.

Anyways, back to the “Candidly Nicole” show. Initially, I did not know that it was Nicole Richie. On our DirectTV guide, the image above the show title had a peculiar woman with blue hair. And I thought, “Well, she looks rather interesting.” Anything could be better than the show I just watched, “Dating Naked.”

So I kept it on VH1, a channel I never watch, honestly, and I caught myself laughing. It was really funny. She was creating an online dating profile for a  friend of hers. And I have to admit that I didn’t want to stop watching.

All I can say is, that if Eric and I had texting before we met, we would most likely not be married! This is crazy! She is manning her friend’s online dating profile pretending to be her and picking out her potential dates for her. So much deception!  But that whole skit of her setting up her friend’s profile, and then filling in for her friend to go on the date and then breaking up with him was funny. 

But then it wasn’t so entertaining. Approximately 25 minutes into the show, watching her try and learn how to parallel park at her father, Lionel Richie’s house, in a black Mercedes, in Beverly Hills, I was like, “what is wrong with me! What the heck am I wathcing?!” And then, I came to the conclusion I was just missing my Mr. Basketmaker.

Moral of the story? Don’t become a basketmaker’s wife. Otherwise, you will be home one night — scratch that, many nights —, while he is gone teaching a workshop, and you will unfortunately be home watching lame shows, like “Candidly Nicole” or “Dating Naked.”

All in the day of the life of a Basketmaker’s Wife.