Monet Trivia

Mr. Basketmaker said he did not like my last post: 1) It was too long 2) He won’t read anything with the name Kardashian in it 3) I wasted my time watching lame TV instead of finishing all the projects I have going on.

Points taken.

So today, a very short post of the trivia kind…

Did you know that Claude Monet, the famous painter, lived in poverty and could not paint full-time? Well, that is until 1891 when he won 100,000 Francs in the French lottery. Claude Monet used his winnings to quit his job as a messenger and to focus on painting, where he later became one of the founders of French Impressionism.

It very well could be that if Claude Monet had not made that bet long ago, the world might never have seen some of the greatest pieces of art and his amazing body of work!

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