Five Questions Friday: Cold Water

Q: Is this the longest we have ever been apart?
Eric: Ah, I think so!

Q: Anything interesting or funny or cool or whatever happen during the week at John C. Campbell?
Eric: Uh, well the most interesting thing that happened right away is when I first arrived on campus. I ran into that young kid we met last year who was taking the blacksmithing class. Turns out, he was there all year, focusing on blacksmithing and this was his last week there. I didn’t know you could stay the whole year. What a great education instead of doing the typical college route.

Q: I was going to mow the lawn today but thought you would want to do it as a way of “unwinding” from your week-long workshop. Did I make the right call?
Eric: No!!!
What? Really? You always tell me to not do it all because you like mowing the lawn!
Eric: I have so many other things to do these next 7 days! This time I wish you did.

Q: So I saw before you left, you were writing a “Mr. Basketmaker’s Thoughts”  about Ben’s Redneck Bootcamp. When will you be done? 
Eric: I’m not sure. I did start writing it and need to add to it. But I heard your brother said “Enough already with the Redneck Bootcamp!”
Well, I’m not sure those were his exact words…

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: Having no running hot water all week at John C. Campbell!
Oh that’s not good. I’m glad I wasn’t there! You know how much I love my hot showers!

4 thoughts on “Five Questions Friday: Cold Water”

    1. Knowing him, he probably didn’t tell anyone. I bet the hot water tank was turned off or something! Didn’t you have no heat for one night when you were there?

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