Workshop Pics of Upcoming Workshop Materials in Mr. Basketmaker’s Workshop


Today I’m simply going to post a few pics I took in Mr. Basketmaker’s workshop. He’s getting ready for two, quickly approaching, workshops in Michigan and then Georgia.

Speaking of “workshops”…  does anyone else get annoyed that the name of his workspace is technically a “workshop” and that the classes he teaches are also called a “workshop”? So when I say he’s in his workshop working on workshop materials for his upcoming workshop — eh? Isn’t that confusing? I wish there was a different name for workspace-workshops and class-workshops. And to add to that, there’s also convention workshops, association workshops and private workshops. Maybe I’ll have to come up with some clever names unless any of y’all have suggestions?

Anyways, before that “workshop annoyance” venting, I was going to say that I’m posting a few pics and that’s about it for today. Anyone else can’t fall asleep when it’s a full moon? I have not slept until… well, let me see…. the night before the full moon? And I’m tired! But so tired, that I’m actually overtired and can’t sleep. I’m beginning to see that I may be a hot mess! LOL!


Above, are his “gardener” series…  in progress. I’m not used to seeing the bottoms of his baskets woven! If you are familiar with a majority of his designs, just about all of his baskets have solid cherry wood bottoms. Do you call them bottoms? Maybe “bases” is the technical basketry term…


Here’s a pic of his organization system for student’s materials. Before you think we swiped these commercial, bright green baskets at the local Piggly Wiggly…. we didn’t. They are left over from my old vintage and antique store I used to own way up in Maine about a decade ago. I’m glad Mr. Basketmaker gets great use out of them preparing for his upcoming classes. (Maybe I should steal them back so I can organize my messy office. It is in dire need!)


Above is unprocessed splint straight from the log mixed with recently-processed weavers, drying on the bottom row.

So that’s it for today. Don’t want to cut you short but I have a wine glass filled with pinot grigio with my name on it. Hopefully it helps me fall asleep! I need it!

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