Five Questions Friday: A Creative Geek?

: Can you believe that our friend Jud created and welded this gate all by himself? I am soooo amazed at his (and Suzanne’s) various talents!

Eric: I can believe he created that because despite being a prior pseudo-suit as a news producer at ABC for many years, he is the most talented person I know. It’s hard to picture an engineer-geek type being creative but he is living proof that you can be both. 

Q: I knew that Suzanne was a talented artist but I didn’t know Jud was just as creative! How about his new gigantic bottle tree he created? And it lights up as well!
Eric: Uhm, I can’t believe how many feet of wire he threaded through that. I don’t remember exactly but I think it’s like 2,000 feet! I’m in awe of his abilities every time we visit and see what new things he created. You should post a picture of his bottle tree.
(I know… me too! And I’ll post a picture of his bottle tree some time in the future. Want to wait until the “Cottage Girls” calendar is printed since it’s on the cover!)

Q: I worked really hard at your workshop in Illinois, and then, not as hard but still hard, in Nantucket, and then again in Georgia. Do I get some kind of bonus?
Eric: Well, what do you want?
You can’t answer my question with a question.
Eric: But I have no idea what you want. What do you want and I’ll let you know if I can do it.

Q: How about if I can be in charge of the remote control until the end of the year.
Eric: No way. So no bonus.

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: It’s colder here in Tennessee than in Kennebunkport, Maine!

2 thoughts on “Five Questions Friday: A Creative Geek?”

  1. Ok, it’s official, I am nothing like Jud… I cannot do any of that stuff! Of course, I could pick up all those leaves once they fall off the trees!

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