The Cottage Girls 2015 Calendar: January

One of my more enjoyable projects I was busy with at the end of 2014 was finishing the Cottage Girls Calendar and getting it printed before the new year! I think I made it by a couple days.

It started back in November where I photographed most of the subject matter while I was in Georgia, during Eric’s workshop. I love setting up shots. I might have gotten that bug from my photography class in college or on the many photo shoots I was on while I worked in advertising. I was usually envious of the “photo stylist” on set, since her job looked so much more fun than mine! LOL. Except the time we had to shoot product for Pizza Hut out in Los Angeles. The hand model we hired was driving her crazy!


One of my favorite shots (and the one I was most nervous about) was the cover, pictured above. It features Suzanne’s cottage where all the charming “cottage girls” convene and make baskets.

I chose to do an evening shot because of their new bottle tree that Jud created. It is stunning! And he electrified it so each bottle glowed. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it justice but I wanted to try and attempt the night shot – hence my nervousness!

I was quite pleased with the end result. Along with getting the detail of the tree and not having it overpower the building, I was able to capture the soft light from the inside as well as still getting additional details, such as the bottles lined up in the bottom left window. If anyone has taken shots when it’s dark, you know what I mean!

So after I processed the photos on my laptop, I could finally breathe a sigh of relief!

I thought I would share each month with y’all over the next year. So here’s January’s layout. The basket was created by Connie Baughman… lucky girl to be the first one featured!


When I saw Miss Connie’s basket, lined with that black velvet, I knew I had to photograph it on Suzanne and Jud’s new basketweave marble tile! I was elated that it came out stronger than I thought.

Overall, despite all the work and what it entailed, the calendar was one of my favorite projects…. most likely due to my client: The Cottage Girls! Easiest clients ever and am grateful they trusted me with having creative license over their 2015 calendar.

Will have another snap in February.

On the date page, January 3rd’s basket is from Gwen Clark and the 30th was created by Cole Medeiros over at D.E.L.S. Nantucket. Both photos were supplied by the artisans.

14 thoughts on “The Cottage Girls 2015 Calendar: January”

  1. Love the cover, especially the lit bottle tree. It draws your eye to the peak of the house and all the decorative accents I’ve never noticed before.

    1. That’s so cool to hear Kathleen! Then I know I did my job if you were able to see things in the photo that you didn’t see in person! Sweet!

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