The Art-Chain: Day 2

Same post as yesterday, but “Day 2”. So as you know, I was nominated via “The Art-Chain” on Facebook by Cathryn Peters, a.k.a., to post three different pieces of art I have created, and post them for 5 days straight.

Yesterday was “5 Parts of Self.” Today I have three paintings.


The top two are from the same series “Flowers in the Marsh” which both sold. One was to an art collector I met in Washington, DC and the other… I can’t seem to remember at this moment. But I do remember it was hard letting both of them go. They were painted on a 30″ x  40″ canvas and I believe it was the first set when I started to paint larger-sized pieces.

For my bottom painting, I chose to share this one in honor of my mother who is arriving tomorrow morning for a visit. It’s titled “Mom’s Garden” and was a gift to her. It is an 18×18 canvas cloth, framed (inset pic).

About the nomination: The Art-Chain is a great way to let others enjoy your unique artworks. You post three different pieces of art you have created on Facebook 5 days in a row. Each day you nominate someone new to join the Art-Chain and do the same.

Cathryn Peters nominated me and I’m nominating my good friend Kathy Honken Tran who is a spectacular and innovative artist! I hope she posts! If you want to be nominated next, just pop me an email!!

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