The Art-Chain: Day 3

I hope I am not boring all you basketmakers out there with my artwork. However, I would like to remind y’all that it was a fellow basketmaker who nominated me for this Facebook 5-Day Art-Chain Challenge! And I told her I would do it, so I’m a woman of my word.

Today is day three. Well, technically, it’s day four because it is now 2:54 am. Had a lot of catching up to do with my freelance work today. So I’m just getting to this now.

Here are my next three paintings…


The vertical painting on the left is from my “Abacus” series and it is simply named “Red Abacus” (not much creative thought in my naming back then). I believe this is from 2004 and I sold it. Along with “Yellow Abacus” (yup, you guessed it, it was yellow) and “Aqua Abacus.” I still have the ‘green’ and ‘purple’ versions — they are hanging up on my wall.

The two paintings on the right I get to visit quite often since they both are hanging on the wall of my bro and sis-in-law’s house. They depict two of their favorite scenes from a trip to Hawaii: one of the ocean and mountains and the bottom green is my abstract interpretation of the clusters of monkey pod trees that line many of the roads down there.

If you don’t know what The Art-Chain is, just hit the “previous post” button below to read Day 1 or Day 2’s post. I’m too tired to copy and paste the info! (also too tired to check for typos…fyi) Oh, and today I’m nominating my Aunt Marjorie to post her wonderful fusion glass.

7 thoughts on “The Art-Chain: Day 3”

  1. I am loving all of it. The art work is lovely and, of course, we all knew you were talented in many ways. Keep up the great work.

  2. I agree totally wit Susie . I wish I would be as articulate.
    I too love your site and look forward to reading it. Will now look forward to future postings of your talent.

  3. This has really been a wonderful inclusion to your site – so accustomed to light chatter or banter with you and your husband. This gives wonderful insight into the deeper side of you that you have not revealed. Thanks so much!

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