Five Questions Friday: uh oh… AARP


Q: Our poor frigid bottle tree. Should we bring in the bottles to warm them up?
Eric: What? No! You crazy? This has to be a joke question.

Q: How do you feel after receiving your first ever AARP membership request?
Eric: Oh Jeez… And, ah… Old. Next Question.

Q: Did you come up with a name for my special Saturday Night art sharing thingy?
Eric: Yeah I did. I gave it to you, remember? Saturday Night Special.
(yeah, I scratched that off my list)

Q: I am so bummed out about Wilfork being dropped yesterday from the Patriots. Why did they do that and who could possibly replace that physique of his?
Eric: I have an answer but it’s not very entertaining. And, nobody cares about this question except for you. I don’t think anybody who reads this knows who Wilfork is… except for your brother. But the reason is to make money available to sign on, most likely, Darrel Revis.

QWhat aggravated you this week?
Eric: My annoying dog Jaxson who has been harassing our neighbor’s dog when she’s trying to get her pet back in the house so she can get to work on time.


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6 Responses to Five Questions Friday: uh oh… AARP

  1. Tripp

    Of course I know who Milfark is, he is footballer. I think he plays midfield or something like that. I only follow football every four years when they play the World Cup.

  2. Joanne

    AARP lol welcome to the old people’s club!

  3. Christy Newman

    Hey Lynne and Eric!

    Love the bottle tree pictures. Very cool.

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