Saturday Night Art Walk: Urban Art Inspiration

What I’m drinking tonight?  Merlot (A nice deep Burgundy color).

What I’m listening to? Bare Naked Ladies while waiting for Eric to return with takeout from the Japanese Steak House.

So here we go… Urban Art Inspiration

No matter what kind of artist you are, inspiration comes from all kinds of sources. Urban Art, a.k.a. graffiti showcases great color palettes.

The above photo and the one below feature color combinations I am definitely going to utilize in some of my paintings.

One below has many contrasting colors. Would make a great inspiration for a children’s quilt (I don’t quilt so this is for y’all who do!)

Since I’m an abstract artist, I appreciated this flower image that is broken up in a “grid”.

Love the colors below — will definitely use the scheme for a future painting.

One below utilizes every color imaginable. I thought it was a cool image for the side of a dilapidated city facade.

Have a good evening!

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