In The Studio: 3 More Down…

Just finished three more paintings for my upcoming show. I actually work on over a dozen paintings at the same time. These were started about a year ago. It’s a long process of layering and uncovering and layering again. And then I cycle through all the different pieces, reworking, etc. It’s a constant rotation and back and forth between all the open projects.

If I ever get to revising my website (It has been on my TO DO list since 2003, not joking) I could direct you to all the paintings I have ready for my solo show in June. I have to get that site done soon!


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  1. Renee

    Hi Lynne,

    I’ve just been getting caught up with “the basketmaker’s wife” (had fallen a bit behind) with a lovely pinot noir in hand. Delightful way to spend my wine time!! Have enjoyed all of your posts. Love the new paintings!!

    • lynne

      Hi Renee: Reading the Basketmaker’s wife is always better with a glass of wine! (depending on the time of day of course)

  2. Tracey Reidy

    These are amazing Lynne!

  3. Christy Newman


  4. They are beautiful. My favorite is the middle one.

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