September’s Calendar Girl: Miss Tracey

One week left for September and, as usual, I’m posting this month’s page late, despite having it all ready to go last month! My plan was to post it Labor Day but I spaced it…

Nevertheless, September’s Cottage Girl is the dazzling Tracey Reidy with this sweet acorn basket that she also photographed herself. Great Job!



A sedated-and-hypnotic basket?

This is an add-on to yesterday’s post. I forgot that Eric created the wine caddy after he made this basket first (based on an old basket we currently use to hold magazines).

It’s the same size as the wine caddy but without the “side inserts.” I named this version the Kindling Caddy. As the name conveys, I thought it was perfect for gathering twigs and small pieces of wood and would look great next to a fireplace. However, we ended up using it to store cloth napkins so they are readily available. (Similar to Eric’s Apple Basket. Doesn’t hold apples, but rather the dog toys.)

While naming this beauty, I went online, as I usually do, to look up different words that could describe its use. When I typed in the word ‘kindling’ and searched, I had no idea it would be defined as what I saw on wikipedia. Simply took a snapshot instead of retyping…

I had no idea! So how exactly did small pieces of wood for starting fires be known as kindling??? Also makes you wonder how Amazon’s Kindle got its name…

Now I get my wine back.

Well I didn’t meet my self-imposed goal of complete photo organization yesterday. Not only did I discover tons more photos on my old laptop, Mr. Basketmaker was photographing more photos!

Below is his Wine Caddy Basket he was shooting.

Note: this basket has gotten a lot of wear and tear over the years. We probably should’ve photographed it before we started heavily using it. Glad he took the photo—now I can break open one of these bottles! (To EricTheSherpa from Maine: my favorite wine is Francis Ford Coppola’s Black Label Claret… see it sitting in there?)

Now back to processing even more “new basket” photos…