Quick Snaps of the City Pack Basket Workshop

We recently returned from one of Mr. Basketmaker’s workshop at the Basket Cottage in Georgia where students were challenged by making his City Pack Basket via free-weave. (That is… not on a mold and I think that’s what they call it!)

Here’s some of the photos I snapped…

Thanks Suzanne for a great workshop!!


Waiting until the last minute?

Mr. Basketmaker loves to tell people I always wait until the last minute to do things. Well, I snapped this image of him today sanding the lids to the City Pack Basket he’s teaching and leaving tomorrow for…

He’s definitely cutting it close! But in his defense, he just picked up all the cherry wood on his trip back from Michigan. But it appears I’m not the only one in this household that waits until the last minute.

By the way, if you’re wondering what all those seeds are everywhere, they are luffa seeds. Since we got a frost on Sunday, we had to pick the luffa and start processing quickly.

Eric loves whacking the luffa on the workshop’s porch railing to remove all the sap and seeds. And they are everywhere!!!


Happy Halloween

While cleaning up my desk, I came across this invitation my sister created for her son’s Halloween Party last year…

She cast a mold from her own finger to create these. Then wrapped a black ribbon around the finger, placed it in a jewelry box filled with moss and the invite pasted on the inside lid.

So cool! I would have loved to get this delivered to my door as a kid!