Five Questions Friday: Now This Photo Makes No Sense

Q from Joan (your MIL): How come there were no Five Questions Friday last week?

Eric: Because I didn’t like the questions. Not all questions sent to me are suitable for public consumption.
oh please… those questions I asked were completely fine.

Q: Do you believe in UFO’s?
Eric: It’s funny you ask! Yes, I do believe. Today, while working on a new basket in the shop I had the History channel on a UFO marathon all day.  One of the sightings was from Laconia, NH which was on of my old stopping grounds.

Q: What was your first (non basket-related) job?
Eric: I was a line cook at a restaurant at  Weirs Beach, a tourist hot spot in New Hampshire.

Q: How is your war on the carpenter bees going?
Eric: Ok. I replaced that one large board on our shed they were living in with pressure treated wood. At least they aren’t there now.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Actually nothing.
Well I have something I’m aggravated about. You replaced my second question about Chance and Coco Kitty with something you asked yourself and didn’t tell me. Now the photo I took has nothing to do with any of the questions. I’m also baffled that you think announcing you believe in UFO’s is suitable for public consumption on my blog. 

Jewelry Only a Mother (or Grammy) Would Wear

My nephew’s art class at school regularly posts to a site called Artsonia where invited ‘fans’ can view a student’s artwork and even purchase customized items. In my inbox, I see an email from Artsonia with the title: BEN’S ART – SPECIAL MOTHER’S DAY KEEPSAKE.

Great. Ben’s got new artwork posted. And it’s being billed as a keepsake. It must be special.

I clicked on the email and up pops a large picture of this:

I got a good laugh. Not sure if this is how he sees himself or what. But it’s jewelry only a Mother, or a Grammy, would wear with that hairdo, big nose and sour grin. Well, maybe we can add ‘crazy aunt’ to the list but I think I’ll pass on this one. But good job Ben, whoever this person you depicted is.

May’s Calendar Girl: Miss Kathy

Yah it’s May! Done with April Showers, now bring on the flowers!

The Cottage Girls’ Calendar page for the month of May is Kathy Weiss.

When I saw this pretty basket, I knew exactly where I wanted to hang it and the angle of the shot. Just needed to wait for the late afternoon sun and it was just about perfect.

Happy May!