Basket of Sweet Gum Tree Seed Pods

Not much today… went out back in the woods to pick up a basket full of sweet gum tree seed pods before the storms rolled in.

Will be photographing them to use as some elements in the digital composites I’m creating for my art show. And when I’m done with them, they will be used as mulch.


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  1. Tracey Reidy

    Those things were the bane of my existence as a barefoot kid running around in the Georgia summertime!

  2. Those are cool! I’m sure you’ll make an interesting picture from them.

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Five Questions Friday: Earning Her Keep

Q: Suzanne texted me this question and I totally agree… Do you like Coco Kitty or not? It’s really hard to tell! She was your aggravation for the last three weeks. What’s up with that?
Eric: I’ve had a lot of cats in my day. And at this point, I am still questioning whether she’s worthy, meaning if she sticks around and doesn’t run away and earns her keep. So far, she’s been sticking around and seems like a survivor, despite being the runt. She sure is tiny.
(I’m not so sure how any cat “earns their keep” but I will leave it at that.)

Q: How long have we lived here and you still don’t know where I keep the bandaids?
Eric: You are talking about the house. I don’t know where you keep bandaids in here. But I know where they are in the shop. If I need a bandaid, that’s where I go. I don’t know where you get your bandaids.
(I so want to comment on this, but I won’t…)

Q: Thanks for getting me a bandaid from your shop. Yours are so much better than mine. They don’t fray. Why do you have better bandaids than me?
Eric: I don’t know. I bought the sheer brand for me and fabric for you. Thought you would like those better.
(Well, you would think so. But they fray after a few minutes. Guess they are for people who don’t work with their hands.)

Q: When you got back from North Carolina you told me everyone missed reading my blog over the summer and then you proceeded to add that you had no idea why. Do you want to explain that last comment?
Eric: Don’t put that on there. That makes me sound insensitive. Are you sure I said that? You shouldn’t write that. I was joking! You know I was joking.
(Ahhh, too late. I wrote it. And who knows if you were joking. I still can’t figure out whether you like the cat or not.)

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: I’m sorry but Coco Kitty. She knocks everything off my workbench while I’m working. And then I have to pick it up and then she knocks something else off and then I put her on the floor and when I turn around she’s back on the workbench and knocks something else off. Do I need to continue?
(No. And now that’s four weeks you have stated she was your aggravation.)


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  1. Anne Keller

    Coco Kitty sounds like she might still be young and looking for attention. Maybe she needs to have a space to call her own and something to play with——-maybe a scratching posts with something attached that she can bat around would occupy her time.

    • lynne

      Thanks Anne. But I don’t think that’s it. She not only gets tons of attention, you should see all the toys we have for her!! She’s just like our dogs… spoiled! She also gets to play with Chance’s tail… what dog allows a cat to do that?? Bottom line… I think she just enjoys aggravating Mr. Basketmaker.

      • Anne Keller

        You are probably right. They have a keen sense of what will aggravate. I had one that would not leave my hands alone when I was trying to use the computer. I would finally have to lock him out of the office to get anything done.

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Can’t Take Photos of Myself

Mr. Basketmaker has been hounding me to show pictures of me working on paintings for my upcoming show in June. I reminded him several times that I cannot take pictures of myself painting. So he has taken many a shot. And wonders why I’m not posting them. Well, I guess it’s easier to just give an example…

Every shot he has taken is out of focus. And I’m not sure why that is since the photos he takes of his baskets in his little photo studio always look so perfect. I wonder if there’s a subtle message he’s trying to send me…

The one below is okay but I was not eager to highlight what a hot mess my hair was!! He seemed to capture that very well…


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  1. karen

    Your hair style hasn’t changed in years! I’d know you anywhere.

  2. Your painting looks very interesting. Looking forward to see it finished.

  3. I got a real chuckle out of this one Lynne! Does your camera have a timer on it by any chance? That’s what I use and also put the camera on a tripod. I set the timer for 10 seconds and run like hell to get in position before the damn thing flashes! Course you do have to make sure there’s a clear line for you to run between the camera and posing spot…Trust me, make sure there are NO obstacles in your way! Viola! I should really post some of the “outtakes” of mine, they are really comical, sometimes only the top of my head appear in the shot.

    • lynne

      Thanks Cathryn!! Yes, it has a timer and I even have a remote shutter release. But I hardly use it. I’d rather let Eric take the photos and then post nothing at all because they are all blurry.

  4. Mr. Basketmaker

    The photographer was spot on. Captured the moment. A real keeper. Keep up the good work!

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