May’s Calendar Girl: Miss Kathy

Yah it’s May! Done with April Showers, now bring on the flowers!

The Cottage Girls’ Calendar page for the month of May is Kathy Weiss.

When I saw this pretty basket, I knew exactly where I wanted to hang it and the angle of the shot. Just needed to wait for the late afternoon sun and it was just about perfect.

Happy May!

February’s Cottage Calendar Girl: Miss Peggy M.

For the month of February is a basket woven by Peggy McLeer.


Of course a basket with a “heart” in the middle has to be used for the month of February! AND… it would have been nice to post this on Valentine’s Day. But hey… February is a busy month—Not only was it the GBA Convention AND the Super Bowl (Yah Patriots!), four family birthdays occur this month: my mother-in-law, my father and two nephews in addition to this weekend’s Winter Weave in Ohio. It’s really a miracle I actually posted this during February!

This awesome photo was taken by Suzanne Marvin.


November’s Calendar Girl is…

Suzanne Marvin!

As you can see in the calendar boxes, Eric just had his workshop at the Cottage Girls’ Headquarters in Georgia.


Which also meant I was busy photographing everyone’s baskets for the 2016 calendar. I can’t wait to show you another year of “Cover Girls.” Also, if anyone wants to pre-order a 2016 Calendar, let me know!

On another note, some of you noticed, Eric did not fulfill his Five Questions Friday — you know, the ones he adamantly stated (in the prior week) he was going to ask himself because, as he put it, my questions were “lame.” I let him off the hook because he did have a long day teaching this past Friday and we joined a group for dinner right after. So when we returned, he was exhausted. And had to get up early for Saturday’s class. So he got yet another “free pass” from me.