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Instagram launched in 2010. I opened my account in 2012 and posted this in July of that year:

And I remember that drink – was out to dinner with my mom-and-dad-in-law and contemplated having a 2nd in front of them… that Pom-Tini was a strong drink! lol!

Despite being a fabulous cocktail, it sat there all alone for over 5 years. Until about 6 weeks ago I’ve been posting a pic just about every day. I feel like I’m starting all over again! As you can see in the snapshot below, I have just over 100 followers. If only I kept up with it for these last five years… ugh.

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If you are not familiar with Instagram take a look. No stories… just Photos with a short description. It’s actually quite fun. I post pics of Eric in the workshop, his baskets, my paintings, and of course photos of Jaxson, Chance and CoCo Kitty sprinkled in between. Check it out here.

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A Basket Without a Name


About six months ago, Eric created this little basket and only a few students were able to make it—his special “ginuea pig group.” He’s thinking of offering it as a basket to teach however, it still has no name.

Mr. Basketmaker usually comes up with titles instantly. Today he told me to name this basket.

LittleRingsandThingsSnapshotSo I decided to delegate and texted this quick pic to my mom and put her in charge of the task.

What did she come up with? Petite Star. I texted back “No. Keep trying.”

She then texted back “Treasure Catcher.” I typed back “How about Wish Catcher because it’s small?” She replied “No, I like treasure catcher better.”

Her other ideas: Wish Upon a Star, Little Dipper, Rings & Things, Tiny Treasure

After a bit more of back and forth I ran all the ideas by Mr. Basketmaker and he settled with…

Little Rings & Things” with the intention of making a larger version titled simply “Rings & Things.”

Thanks Mom! Now onto another basket to name…

Now Twist And Stretch…

Below is one of Eric’s new baskets that he will be offering for workshops in 2016.


I thought it looked like a person, reaching up to the sky, in a yoga sort of pose. So Mr. Basketmaker named it “Twist and Stretch.”

But then I told him my unsolicited opinion that this basket should have a head-like shape as a lid. He rolled his eyes followed by a small grunt and a “corner-of-the-eye” stare. Nonetheless, he said he would only entertain the idea if I came up with something and presented it to him. (I also sneakily told our friend Suzanne so we could gang up on him, two against one, for the idea of a lid. I think she convinced him that it could be a good idea…)

So I’m in the process of attempting to make some clay sphere finials to attach to a wood lid that can be custom ordered for this basket.

Now that statement is not a guarantee (hence me using the word “attempting”). I have not created a clay shape, as of yet, that I like! But I will keep at it. If I’m successful, then I’ll post some of them here.

P.S. Suzanne, I was going to post the “clay head knob” ideas we created but I didn’t want to embarrass either of us…