A Basket Without a Name


About six months ago, Eric created this little basket and only a few students were able to make it—his special “ginuea pig group.” He’s thinking of offering it as a basket to teach however, it still has no name.

Mr. Basketmaker usually comes up with titles instantly. Today he told me to name this basket.

LittleRingsandThingsSnapshotSo I decided to delegate and texted this quick pic to my mom and put her in charge of the task.

What did she come up with? Petite Star. I texted back “No. Keep trying.”

She then texted back “Treasure Catcher.” I typed back “How about Wish Catcher because it’s small?” She replied “No, I like treasure catcher better.”

Her other ideas: Wish Upon a Star, Little Dipper, Rings & Things, Tiny Treasure

After a bit more of back and forth I ran all the ideas by Mr. Basketmaker and he settled with…

Little Rings & Things” with the intention of making a larger version titled simply “Rings & Things.”

Thanks Mom! Now onto another basket to name…

Now Twist And Stretch…

Below is one of Eric’s new baskets that he will be offering for workshops in 2016.


I thought it looked like a person, reaching up to the sky, in a yoga sort of pose. So Mr. Basketmaker named it “Twist and Stretch.”

But then I told him my unsolicited opinion that this basket should have a head-like shape as a lid. He rolled his eyes followed by a small grunt and a “corner-of-the-eye” stare. Nonetheless, he said he would only entertain the idea if I came up with something and presented it to him. (I also sneakily told our friend Suzanne so we could gang up on him, two against one, for the idea of a lid. I think she convinced him that it could be a good idea…)

So I’m in the process of attempting to make some clay sphere finials to attach to a wood lid that can be custom ordered for this basket.

Now that statement is not a guarantee (hence me using the word “attempting”). I have not created a clay shape, as of yet, that I like! But I will keep at it. If I’m successful, then I’ll post some of them here.

P.S. Suzanne, I was going to post the “clay head knob” ideas we created but I didn’t want to embarrass either of us… 

The Cottage Gardener Basket

At the moment, Eric’s most popular basket for workshops right now is his new Cottage Gardener Basket. It is gorgeous. However, peeking in his workshop today to see what he’s been up to, I discovered that there’s a little more work in creating the class materials for this basket than is needed for his other baskets.


Above are the molds he has been creating the last couple days. It may look like some pieces of wood haphazardly nailed to make a frame of sorts. But it is not. They need to be the right angle and built to precise measurements. After he’s done with all these, he will pack them up to get ready for the Michigan workshop in October and then on to Georgia next, in November.


But it doesn’t end there with the student molds. He also has to build separate molds that he uses here, in his workshop for all the handle materials.  In the long steel tray above, he is boiling the wood so he can bend it on the square wood-plank molds he created that are stacked nearby.

Now this is all for only the MOLDS. He still has all the uprights, the weavers, etc. — Honestly, way too much work and too time consuming for me. That’s why he’s the basketmaker, and I only write about it…