Imagine Staring at this for a Few Hours (No wonder I now need glasses)

And when I say “a few hours” it really is for a few hours.


Part of my job description as the Basketmaker’s Wife involves helping Eric with his patterns for exhibit baskets. (Exhibit baskets are special. For his other baskets, he’s on his own…)

He creates preliminary sketches on grid paper and then I electronically reproduce all into one drawing. Then Eric is able to make changes on my computer. And when I say “changes on my computer” that means him sitting next to me, looking over my shoulder, telling me what square to move where.

I know what you’re asking, “Lynne, how can you calmly (y’all are assuming with the word ‘calmly’) sit there and move around a bunch of squares. That must be grueling.”

All I can say is that I gladly do it with no complaints, mind you… as long as my glass of wine is refreshed without me even asking.

The Calendar Girls: Third Quarter

Let’s say bye to summer with the Basket Cottage’s Calendar Girls for July, August and September!

July’s Calendar Girl was Kathy Cosgrove…


Calendar Girl for August was the lovely (and still is) Sybil Sweat…


(Yes, that is a conglomerate of 3 photos for August 30th — what are the odds that three of the cottage girls would celebrate their birthdays on the same day?)

And September’s was a group photo: Patti Patterson, Kathy Cosgrove, Tracey Reidy and Diana Carscaddon…


Redneck Bootcamp: a Box, a Basket and a Salamander

Mr. Basketmaker created a special project for Ben to do in addition to a basket. Last year was a birdhouse and this year it’s a hinged box. Which Ben was excited about since he told us he needed more storage for all the money he’s been saving (that comment made a frugal and thrifty Aunt and Uncle so Proud!). Here he is sanding the parts that Eric created ahead of time…



Next was burning the wood. He enjoyed burning a design into my walking stick last year that we wanted him to have a much larger “burning wood” project. He sketched out the lid design in pencil (on the right – hard to see in photo) and then started practicing with the different tips on a scrap piece of wood.


So far it looks amazing! I was impressed with his creativity. He is still working on it however, so no final pics of the completed project as of yet.


He also got started on his basket. Here’s Mr. Basketmaker adjusting his uprights and giving him a lesson on keeping them straight and uniform. I must also point out that he changed into his camo here… Not sure why but I’m thinking because Eric was wearing his Patriots ‘digital camo’ hat. Or, it could be that he wanted to look ‘manly’ while working on a basket. Could go either way…


Ben definitely is a multi-tasker. He would periodically jump from weaving to working on his box. I don’t know about how he treats other disciplines but for Art & Craft projects he is so focused! You don’t hear a peep out of him!


And at the end of the day, as we were walking into the house from the workshop he met his first Salamander…


Did you see those hands? After an hour with his new little pet, he went straight to the shower before dinner.