Where’s the White Stuff?

Okay, I know I am going to regret posting this soon enough. But I cannot help it! Chance and I were looking out the window early this morning wondering when are we going to get some snow already!

Chance loves the snow. I know there’s many dogs who love snow. But this dog really, really, LOVES snow! It is so funny to watch him go outside in the morning after the first significant snowfall. He gets up to the steps in the doorway and pauses, looks at the backyard and the snow, lifts his nose up and takes a few sniffs, turns his head back to me with very wide eyes and then immediately takes off like a greyhound chasing a carrot around the track!

Me? I love the snow just as much. Especially since I’m married and my husband does all the snowblowing now. But instead of jumping in the snow like Chance, I jump into a cozy sweater, get under a blanket and sit by the window, to watch Eric clear the driveway.