October Workshop in Chicago

On October 13th, Eric is teaching a workshop outside of Chicago in Oak Park, Illinois. This will be a fun workshop since it is being hosted by my sister. She also lives smack-dab in the middle of the Frank Lloyd Wright tour, in Oak Park, outside of Chicago, so if you’re a fan of this architect and craftsman’s work, you can simply walk outside her house and see his work! Or, you could walk two blocks to his old studio and book an hour tour during lunch and explore the neighborhood. It is really beautiful.

Eric will also be doing something different… he’s hosting an Open House the night before the workshop. So if you cannot attend on Saturday but would like to meet Eric and see some of his work, or just say “hello,” stop by on Friday Night! Simply drop me an email at lynne@thebasketmakerswife.com so I can make sure we have plenty of cocktails to serve! I bet a lot of you do not know that Eric enjoys making me cocktail concoctions that are his own recipes. And they are yummy! So I will be serving those up to guests that attend the Open House. See you there!