What does this mean?

While making my multiple-daily visit to Mr. Basketmaker’s workshop (part of my procrastination program), I didn’t find him but I saw this on his desk.


What does it mean?

To me, it means he’s making changes to a bunch of his mini series basket patterns!

Which means in an hour or two, he will be handing me a clip board with all kinds of edits to his various basket patterns/instruction sheets. Half of which I will not be able to decipher his penmanship or understand his direction.

Which means he most likely got a large order and needs these changes yesterday.

Or it means he’s getting ready for his upcoming workshop and wants these done in the next few days (he’s a real slave-driver).

Nonetheless, it means I’ve got more work to do this week than I scheduled!

It’s simply the life of a basketmaker’s wife (with design skills and a freelance business).