To quote Toby Keith (the first country artist I ever listened to), “Every once in awhile I want to talk about me, want to talk about I, want to talk about number one, oh my me my…” there will be no five questions tonight. Instead, I will be talking about “me.” Well, actually, sharing pictures of my newly-hung solo show.

Yesterday, Mr. Basketmaker and I dropped off all my paintings and set up a special display as part of an installation piece. Today, we stopped in with the final signage of my bio and statement and everything was miraculously (thank you Neal) up on the walls and labeled. It looked great. Today was the official opening, however June 10th will be my artist reception. We also were able to take photos of the whole show.

My name and the “show” text is hard to read in the photo. I wanted something less typical and created a nameplate on acrylic that was transparent through the letters and set off from the wall so it created a “shadow” behind it. Looks cool in person.
These were the earliest paintings I did specifically for this show. It’s what started the theme and vibe of the entire look.
This is a special installation piece I envisioned last summer while taking a break on the hammock. Jud and Eric created exactly what I wanted. Each side hold 3 acrylic panels I digitally created using my x-rays.
There’s twenty-five 6×6 paintings hanging on a black felt board. These were all framed by Mr. Basketmaker himself. I’m selling them individually but if anyone wants the whole complete set, let me know before June 9th.

This is the face of “relief.” I started working on this show a year ago and it’s now complete. Time to take a long rest!