From Mr. Basketmaker: My Day at Third Man Records Part Deux

The following is Part 2 of Mr. Basketmaker’s Post – continued from yesterday…

So we get to Nashville. A month ago, the wife (Uber Kitty… the nickname will have to be explained at a later date) found online at airbnb, a vintage camper in some writer’s backyard in the east end of Nashville. Very cool and there will probably be a Part 3 for that…

However, after Karma G. (the wife’s cousin) arrived, we decided to head into the city a day early so we found another place for the three of us last minute on airbnb. Unbeknownst to me, the both of them knew I was going to get a private tour of Jack White’s Third Man Records. So initially I told Lynne that we don’t need to go a day early. Just keep it as the original plan. But she quickly said “We are going a day early and that’s it. Don’t mention it again.” Her reply was out of the ordinary since we share just about everything, but I decided to just leave it alone.

We got into town around early afternoon and stopped at the last-minute basement flat we rented. And then we headed down to Third Man Records which was about ten minutes away. At this time I knew where we were going because one of those two spilled the beans. I think it was by mistake and I overheard. But that doesn’t matter…

First, let me tell you that Jack White moved from Detroit to Nashville maybe eight or nine years ago? (could be totally off on that but the point is that he moved here to Tennessee.) He came from a not-so-great part of Detroit and ended up buying a building across the street form a methodone clinc, in not-such-a-great part of Nashville. This is what makes Jack endearing to me. He could have gone anywhere but chose a neighborhood in need of something positive.

I digress.

We arrive at Third Man Records at about 3pm. I have my preconceived notions and am thinking to myself how good is this going to be? My only reference is from a few shows like the time American Pickers went to his studio or when he was interviewed by Dan Rather. All I could recall was he had some cool vintage stuff but it was a very small showroom space.

Here’s my impression: It was exactly what I had envisioned, except one thing…The place was packed with fans buying stuff left and right!


People were finding their way around the small retail space appearing to be enjoying the experience. There was a small record player on a counter piping the music throughout the store. And lots of other cool memorabilia to look at.


The next image shows his cool die-cut record sleeves. When Lynne saw the one out of wood she said I need to come up with a sleeve that is totally woven! Yeah, I’ll get on that…


While inside the Third Man Records store, Karma G asks one of the staff for his friend who I will refer as “Bud.” One thing I learned from this visit is that Jack surrounds himself with secrecy which I totally get. After five minutes or so of us checking the place out “Bud” comes out of a locked door right off the public space and tells us to “Come on back!”

This is rock star cool! We are going in the back where you have to know someone to get to. I caught a few people’s expressions which were “why can’t we go there?” The door locks and that’s it. We are in. (Sorry other people.)

Once behind the door it was a blast. However I can only describe it because “Bud” disclosed that there are no pictures allowed in here at all, per Jack, except in the Blue Room.

What did we see?

Well, that will have to wait for Part 3… sorry. But the post is too long!

to be continued…

From Mr. Basketmaker: My Day at Third Man Records

(The following was written by Mr. Basketmaker himself.)

If you know me or follow my wife’s blog, then you may have seen that I’m kinda’ a big fan of Jack White. Okay, a huge fan.

If you don’t know who Jack is, the story is too long and most likely will bore you. Let’s just say he started out as an upholsterer from Detroit and picked up another passion… music.

Anyway, Lynne’s cousin, a.k.a. Karma G (who is now my new best friend), is best buds with Jack’s right-hand man. Me, the basket maker, didn’t know this just two short months ago. Somehow my man crush for Jack came up and Karma G said “you’re a fan?” and I said heck ya! (actually my wife was the middle-woman between us, via texting). He then said (again, relayed by my wife) “Really. I had no idea. I can totally hook you up.”

Forward three weeks to a UPS truck driving down our driveway with a package straight from Third Man Records. Here’s his logo all over the packing tape on outside of the box:


Oh, my gosh it was like an early Christmas (for me anyways). Vinyl was exploding out of the box. It was packed full!


If you don’t know Jack and I assume most of my wife’s blog fans don’t (but I could be wrong) that means you better have an old-school record player around. He is all about the vinyl.

Because of my blatant excitement over everything in this box, Lynne was kind of upset that she didn’t just hide it and wrap it up as a Christmas gift! Anyway, I say too late uber kitty (my new nickname for her… more on that later, most likely).

Moving forward again, we invited cousin Karma G down for a little visit after Christmas to see us and for him to hang out with his friend in Nashville. After a couple of great days here at our place, McSoHo in McMinnville, we all headed to Nashville a couple days before New Year’s. And that’s where I got the best surprise ever… a VIP behind-the-scenes tour of Third Man Records and their operation! There’s more to this story but “the wife” is going through the photos now… Check back to hear about the rest of my adventure.

to be continued…

Mr. Basketmaker Speaks, or rather, What’s on Eric’s iPod?

Every now and then Lynne asks me to write something for her blog. Usually I freak out and say something like I can’t write or I have no time. 

When she started this blog I few years ago, I was Mr. Negativity telling her this would be a major undertaking to write a blog but  she did it anyway. And I continued with: Really you’re going to write four or five times a week? I told her she was crazy. Well one year later she is still doing it! And she is doing it well. I’m very proud of her and the way the blog looks. I can’t tell you how many times people tell me how they love reading it.

I love creating, if it isn’t a basket it could be something else.  So how about creating a new segment for the Basketmaker’s Wife blog? Maybe I’ll call it “What’s on Eric’s iPod”.  Now this is already false, since I haven’t used my iPod for quite awhile but I still like to flirt with music using mostly Pandora and You tube on my laptop late at night. My interest in music can be very extreme at times so I will try to keep it tamed down a notch.  Some of you out there know I have a slight man crush on Jack White. Now don’t get me wrong, I just love the way he goes about it. If I had $200, the cost of his tickets for the Ryman in Nashville, I would take Lynne in a heartbeat. 

But since I don’t, I will have to settle with the many videos of his shows I watch on Youtube. Such as this one song which was the last one played during benefit concert at the Ryman auditorium. It’s titled “Steady as She Goes.”