The Kind of Convo’s You May Have When You Work at Home

hand-palm-print-finger-lengthSo my brother, who is also self-employed, called me for a short chat earlier today. Nothing too important. One item that came up during our conversation was that he happened to come across an article about how the lengths of our fingers can predict our personalities and lifestyle.

However, he didn’t really read the article so he couldn’t tell me what, if any, life-changing significance there is to the unique length of my digits. His point was that he wanted to know if my hand was like his, because his wife’s was not. And we discovered it must be genetic, since we both have our ring fingers longer than our index finger.

Before hanging up he told me to text him a pic of my hand and he would do the same, so we could visually confirm it. (You know… the usual kind of stuff that self-employed people who work from home, do…)

Eric happened to call at the moment I was taking my hand pic to send to my brother. Great timing, I thought, since I had the opportunity to ask him which finger was the longest, 2nd longest, etc. on his hand. And he said “I’m glad to know you both are working so hard today.” Point taken.

Nonetheless, his finger lengths are similar to my brother’s wife’s hands. So what does it mean?

Well, I did do some quick research and here’s what I found out. (Disclaimer: this is not any scientific explanation at all… so don’t use my words if you’re writing a thesis or something!)

My synopsis: It really doesn’t matter!! There were so many differing opinions amongst the various websites. But one thing remained the same — how our fingers get their lengths while in the womb. During this time, our fingers sprout and elongate, their growth is affected by the prevalence of the hormones testosterone and estrogen. The fetal ring finger has many receptors for both hormones on it, and the index finger has fewer receptors. Therefore, the testosterone lengthens the fetal fingers, while estrogen stops their growth.

Ah, what? So my hands, with its long fingers, depict a more masculine inclination? And Eric… well his is opposite. I called my brother and said, “How can Eric be feminine? That’s like impossible… just look at him.” And he said, “Well, Lynne, he is a basketmaker after all.” Another point taken.

(just teasing Mr. Basketmaker y’all….)

To conclude, we both decided that all the supposedly “scientific studies” were bunk. Except for the Italian study that said because of my ring finger length, I would tend to be the more successful entrepreneur and be a real go-getter. I like that. Especially since while Eric is working hard at his convention, I’ve pretty much been lounging in the lounge chair all day, snacking on things I shouldn’t be snacking on and watching things I shouldn’t be watching. Now I don’t feel so guilty for being a slug… my fingers clearly depict a hard-working woman! I must relax…

What does this mean?

While making my multiple-daily visit to Mr. Basketmaker’s workshop (part of my procrastination program), I didn’t find him but I saw this on his desk.


What does it mean?

To me, it means he’s making changes to a bunch of his mini series basket patterns!

Which means in an hour or two, he will be handing me a clip board with all kinds of edits to his various basket patterns/instruction sheets. Half of which I will not be able to decipher his penmanship or understand his direction.

Which means he most likely got a large order and needs these changes yesterday.

Or it means he’s getting ready for his upcoming workshop and wants these done in the next few days (he’s a real slave-driver).

Nonetheless, it means I’ve got more work to do this week than I scheduled!

It’s simply the life of a basketmaker’s wife (with design skills and a freelance business).

All In A Day’s Work (Away from home)

During Eric’s classes that we travel a long distance to, I’m not sitting in someone’s house or a hotel room thinking of things to do! I do not weave myself and people are always asking me what I’m doing with myself while Eric is working. Honestly, I’m always busy when we’re on the road. For the recent Georgia Basketry Convention below is a “diary snippet” of my day’s activities:


I started by helping Eric set up for his first class at the workshop location. That’s usually about 1-2 hours. Then I headed over to one of my favorite thrifts stores for clothing, in Roswell (will post about this in a future post).


Caught up on some reading for a little break. Went to the kennel three miles away from where we were staying to take Chance for an hour-long walk.

Then, when I returned to our “home-away-from-home,” I worked most of the afternoon on several different freelance projects that needed to get out: Caribbean Rum label and logo; a school logo; an email blast ad; stickers & hang tags for a sports line and a financial newsletter.

Then, while Suzanne, our host and awesome chef, and Eric were at their evening basketry classes, Jud, the other host and non-chef, took me to Chick-fil-A. I have not been to one since I lived in Texas. That was about twelve years ago! We don’t have any up north. So that was a little “fast food” treat. I know why people who love Chick-fil-A love Chick-fil-A! Thanks Jud!