The Summer Weekend Guinea Pigs

Before Mr. Basketmaker taught his two full-week workshops for the first time here in Tennessee, he had a “soft open” of sorts in the way of two mini 3-day Weekend Classes. Here’s some quick pics that I skipped posting this summer…

Here’s Miss Sue J. putting the finishing touches on one of Eric’s Cottage Gardener baskets…



The first weekend it was great weather with plenty of porch time with lots of sniffing going on…

Guess Jaxson finds weaving relaxing as well…

Here’s Eric attaching the handle to the little gardener basket…summer-basket-workshop-2015-basket-small
Below is Miss Donna finishing up her Cottage Napkin Basket. She got to hang out in the workshop with our nephew Ben. I think in this photo below I got done kicking him out of this particular workstation…  I think I said something along the lines of “Hey, get your butt out of that chair, it’s for students.” And he said “I’m a student!” And I corrected myself, “I mean a ‘paying’ student!”



Oops… took this next pic too soon! One of the baskets are missing the handles…


Here’s Eric attaching them…


All the summer workshops went very well and we had fun meeting new students, visiting with prior students and catching up with the regulars.

Hope to see everyone again next summer!

Hey, Not Without Me!

Like clockwork, when Eric starts to pack up for a workshop, Chance plants himself next to the boxes. As if we would forget about him!

However, this is another trip Chance will not be going on.

Eric has a workshop with Mary Jo Rushlow at Saltbox Crafters in Connecticut. It’s the annual holiday workshop and it has become a tradition. Not sure how many years he’s been doing the December workshop but he said it’s been a very long time.

Now, a “long time” for Eric could be five years or twenty five years — hard to tell. That’s one of the many, many qualities I love about Eric. He lives in the moment and doesn’t pay close attention to how much time has passed.

Have a great workshop ladies (and Eric) down at Saltbox!

Folk School: Another Day in Pics

Below are the rest of the pics from my day of exploring the campus of John C. Campbell Folk School while Eric was teaching. And there were still buildings I did not get to: Music Studio, Cooking Studio, Woodturning Studio and the Orchard House for Photography. Will have to see those next year when Eric teaches in August.

This is the Woodcarving Studio where John Davis was teaching.
I was looking forward to checking out the Jewelry & Metals Studio where Lisa Barth was teaching clay metal techniques. Diane (lower right) was showing off the necklace she just completed.
On my way to the Woodworking Studio and Rock Room where the basketry class is, I passed by the outdoor kilns.
Basketry classes are held in the Rock Room. Eric had a great bunch of students.
I'll finish off with the Coopering class, taught by Will Hines over at the Woodworking Studio. I have been inside the workshop but silly me forgot to take pictures! I only have them working outside on the long porch.