En Route to Atlanta


Yes, if your monitor is at a high enough resolution, that is in fact, Chance poking his head out the back window of the Odyssey (a.k.a. basket buggy — I know, lame. But that’s what Eric dubbed it — and I must confess, that every time he calls it that, it makes me laugh despite the fact of being fully aware that I am married to someone so corny, he would name a vehicle “buggy”).

So why is Chance coming with us to Atlanta? My brother and sis-in-law will be going to Chicago to visit my sister the same time we’re in Atlanta. This means Chance would have to go to a kennel. Instead, we decided to bring him with us for the trip down, and found a kennel nearby where we’re staying that will let me come in and walk him every day. So he’s on the road trip with us!

Chance is actually a great travel companion. Sometimes we forget he is even with us he’s so quiet! He sits in the far back and watches all the traffic, rarely laying down to nap. Due to Mr. Basketmaker’s Vehicle Rules, he has to be in the way back – No dogs allowed in “passenger areas.” I guess it’s an okay kind of rule. And sometimes, when leave the vehicle to get something to eat, Chance will figure out a way to squeeze through the seats and make the long journey up to the Driver’s Seat. When he does that, Eric’s reaction is priceless.

Sending a special “shout out” to cousin Charlie for house sitting and to our neighbors for keeping an eye on things. When you live in the city, you’re really close to all your neighbors which means your house is always safe. Lots of busybodies abound in our neighborhood! And living next door to a retired firefighter helps as well. His home is literally 8 feet from ours. And Charlie, don’t set off the security alarm again this time. At least we were able to learn that the police got there in 90 seconds! Perks of living in a congested little New Hampshire city with the station a few blocks away.

Five Questions Friday.

Here’s today’s five questions. Or more like “this evening” because Eric procrastinated with his answers (and he’s allowed to do that once in a while).

Q: How was your workshop in Indiana?
Eric: Everything went great. All the students finished on time and the baskets looked really good. I had one person almost in tears, but I fixed the problem.

Q: What was the best part about visiting Lynne’s sister Michelle in Chicago?
Eric: After the rib tips from Mickey’s, it was the three days of pretending I was Jeff Lewis and Lynne was his sidekick Jenny. It was our own little version of Jeff’s show “Interior Therapy”. It is safe to say that Michelle’s Oak Park home is the only one in her Frank Lloyd Wright neighborhood with chairs hanging from Shaker peg boards.

Q: So how was traveling with Chance this time?
Eric: On a whole I would grade him a B-. Getting off the leash three times in the hotel lobby lead to some embarassing moments. By the time we started heading for home he seemed to mellow a little.
(editor’s note: I give him an A-. I thought he was excellent! If the only thing he did was get too excited and ran down the hall to greet people in the lobby, then you don’t know how lucky you are with our dog! He gets the minus from me because he barked in the hotel room at people walking out front.)

Q: When are you sending Joanne Howard her jigs she ordered?
Eric: I told her I’m not sure what will come first, the Red Sox get above .500 or I make her jigs. We shall see.
(editor’s note to Joanne: You will get your jigs first.)

Q: Why do you love going through Buffalo instead of taking Interstate 80 which shaves off two hours?
Eric: Let me guess, this is from Tripp. Who made you The Mapquest god? My GPS, Rand McNally, and Mapquest all say the same thing: taking interstate 90 which turns into 80 is the quickest route to Chi-Town. You say that you can shave off two hours, I say you are full of Buffalo chips.

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