Five Questions Friday: He’s Your Dog

Q: So what did Jackson chew the other day that was yours?
Eric: Oh, the little plastic stopper-thing on the cord that resizes my vest/jacket.

Q: So far Jackson chewed the cord to your little task light, took off all the weather stripping on the front door that you worked so hard on and now your jacket. Has Chance ever chewed anything of yours? 
Eric: Nope.

Q: Where are we heading next?
Eric: Well, if you are talking right now, we’re in the car on our way to Pikeville, Tennessee to pick up some cabinets and a cool lamp we bought at auction.

Q: I meant when is the next basket workshop.
Eric: Stateline basket convention in Indiana.

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: My dog Jackson jumping in the pond and then running up to the front door and me being proud and stating “that’s my dog, keeping himself clean” and then he made his way over to the newly ‘rototilled’ area for our garden and rolling himself in it. Then having you immediately say “That’s your dog alright. That’s definitely your dog.”





2 thoughts on “Five Questions Friday: He’s Your Dog”

  1. Lynne, could you ask Eric to bring a set of rims for his mini wine basket to Stateline. I will be there and I never got a reply the last 2e-mails I sent him. Thanks Sharon

    1. I will let him know! He’s having issues with his email. Has for months. I cannot even email him. He was on the phone with provider last week trying to get it fixed.

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