Let’s Play “What Doesn’t Belong”

I feel like having a little fun on this hot day…

Below are a series of photos from Eric’s workshop. Can you pick out what doesn’t belong?

this looks normal….

oooh… I’m impressed with this organization…

nothing appears out of the ordinary here…

did you know that behind this bandsaw is a brick fireplace? since it’s not viewable in this photo, it can’t be this one… but I’m guessing a fireplace in a workshop probably wouldn’t be out of the ordinary…

nice basketry poster… not really liking that antler hook! but it was here in the house when we bought it…

he sure does have a nice view… hanging tools on the windowsill may be odd…

Ah what?? Ding… ding… ding…!

What is a large jacuzzi tub doing in Mr. Basketmaker’s workshop? I’ll tell ya.

The tub used to be here, in what was the prior owner’s master bedroom.


The room is now Mr. Basketmaker’s “planing and sanding” room. And for an entire year, he worked around it wishing he could have that large corner of space. Can you see it way back in the corner behind the planer? Looks sort of small in this pic, but it’s huge and occupies significant and value basketmaking space!

A few days ago, I was out doing errands and when I returned I saw this big tub up on its side right at the front of the workshop!

Now to the previous owners (which was a Pastor and his wife) of this old farmhouse, which is now Eric’s workshop that sits next to the building they used as a church (where we live)… Why was there a huge corner tub sitting wide open in the bedroom? And who picked out the red shag carpeting (which was one of the first things we ripped out) that filled this room?

3 thoughts on “Let’s Play “What Doesn’t Belong””

  1. Love the workshop tour!
    I’ve heard that outdoor showers are the rage, why not
    Push the limits- out door bath tubs? The ancients did it – Natural Salt tubs.

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