Nantucket Workshop Quick-Pics

Here’s some quick pics I took of Eric’s last day of class at his Nantucket workshop.

nantucket-september-basket-class-2nantucket-september-basket-class-3nantucket-september-basket-class-1   nantucket-september-basket-class-5

I’ll finish off with these two lovely ladies who call themselves “the mouths on the island” Miss Laurie and Miss Libby. nantucket-september-basket-class-4
They were there for all three days of Eric’s workshop. In fact, Laurie was the first person to complete an Eric Taylor cottage basket on the island of Nantucket! After Eric made that announcement of her being the first, I was a little jealous! In hindsight I said to myself “Darn, I wish I would’ve grabbed one of Eric’s mini kits and did some weaving… it would not have been as pretty but I could have been the first!” LOL

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